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Bank Holiday Deal


Yes, roll-up, it’s deal time again 🙂 Next Monday the 5th May, sessions will be half price – that’s £40. The perfect way to have some ‘you’ time on Bank Holiday.

If you are wondering what to work on in your next session, one lovely movement happens through clearing the fascia and biochemical pathways of the nervous system. This takes a lot of tension out of you, much of which is built up in the nervous system due to fear and pain conditioning deeper down. This can also be done for the heart, diaphragm and pericardium (the fluid filled sac that surrounds the heart and the proximal ends of the aorta, vena cava, and the pulmonary artery). Again a lot of tension, particularly resulting from pain and grief, gets stored here.

There is something new which can be done using Merlin’s Global Healing Grid. Whereas in the past, I could only put one situation or issue etc. in the grid to be worked on in the background (at 50% effectiveness as continuously intending it), I can now put up to 4 different things in there at once and it will still be as effective for each.

Something interesting which Ric talked about during the BodyMind class, was about avatars (i.e., like Amma). He feels that they are not really beings but appear as beings, using a pseudo-Inner-Veil as a kind of fake ID to get into the human realm, where they then appear as human. Most of what he said resonates with me. Do you have any thoughts on this? I’d love to hear your impressions.

Lastly, I know that many of you have experienced sessions as being particularly powerful recently, so I thought you might be interested to hear what Ric says about why this may be:-

“Another perk of the BodyMind class is that it creates a significant increase in bridging for channeling…In general, the extra bridging from the class makes ALL the transmissions for Merlin’s Grace go 15-20% deeper or faster, whether clearing, transforming or energizing…For instance, for doing a Genetic Modification at a distance, those without the class can get about 80% effectiveness of in-person work. Those with the class can, at a distance, now get the equivalent of what would have been 100% before…Again, an awake body just creates a deeper bridge; there is just no way around that, and yet it is something I didn’t anticipate when I first put the class on the schedule.”

Enjoy yourself and see you soon,

Best wishes,


Drunk on Vortex


So this healing journey post-class gets more and more interesting: on Friday, I had a client who took 20 mins to recover after the healing we did (involving the new Navel AP work) and when I walked her to the door, I could hardly walk! Since I have quit drinking for 6 weeks, I am very pleased to be drunk on Vortex 🙂

It’s also wonderful to be closer friends with Merlin. I am having quite a few experiences now where he takes over a healing session, particularly towards the end. Not only does the receiver feel waves of Divine energy when this happens, but it also connects me to a deep sense of trust and being held. Amazing… I am feeling Amma within in a real way too, which feels like something I have wanted for so long and like it is a kind of embodiment.

Another interesting thing I have noticed since Awakening the BodyMind and the Core Beliefs, is that I can now sometimes hear my thoughts speaking to each other. Like characters in my head communicating, which feels closer to what is really happening. I feel less caught in them and identified as them. Pretty cool, particularly since this followed a healing crisis involving my core issues. That leads me to believe that crises are entirely good things.

Here is some feedback from one of you this week: “That really was a dramatic and inspiring healing… Throughout the session, it felt like there was some physical healing going on, and that was awe inspiring… I had the thought to ‘give myself over’ to non-existence, (only because I was confident it was not possible), then there was a big change, which was enjoyable, but I became anxious I would stay in that state if you stopped. I then surrendered to accepting even that was ok, if it happened and it became powerful and blissful, but also peaceful and not scary, at the same time. Energy flowed in lines down my right leg and I could tell that that was being made stronger, totally unexpectedly, which was inspiring and emotional… Thanks again, I am so blown away by your healing lately, and the physical changes seem to be gradually getting better and better”.

The new kidney essence and Jing energies are going down very well with you all it seems and there is more that can be done in this regard, to energise you. Here is what Ric has to say: “First we use Merlin’s Grace to ‘expand the Pre-natal Jing reservoir network, so as to be able to hold more of it’. And this works. If you first fill up the Pre-natal Jing and then expand its network, you’ll see you can channel in some more. Same with Kidney Essence. Each of these steps (doing the Pre-natal Jing and Kidney Essence separately) only takes a few minutes. All of you should take the little amount of time needed to do this, because it can make a significant long-term difference. – NB Jing is the ‘parent’ of chi”.

“And that’s all the news” (anyone remember ‘The Day Today’? 🙂



Amazing AP


I just wanted to share some of the feedback I have got far from work I have done releasing reality streams from the Navel AP (mainly for physical stuff). As Ric has hinted (and now I can confirm) – this is the most profound tool we have ever had in Vortex for the physical body.

One of you felt a 90% improvement in terms of pain reduction and ability to move after 1 session, having been laid up in bed for a week with a back problem (sciatic nerve). He also said he would have had to miss work for several days had he not received this healing session.

Another person had a chronic physical issue involving energy not flowing properly and therefore causing nerve problems. He reported feeling a subtle yet clear improvement in this chronic condition (which he has had for 12 years). He described this new Vortex work as “really inspiring”, adding that it had clearly had an effect on his body in a way he would not have even hoped for.

On this note, although I usually get permission to share these stories and always do so anonymously, I wanted to ask if anyone minds these being shared with the group?

Much Love to you,


The Disappearance of I


I am still bubbling over with enthusiasm from the Awakening the BodyMind class! There is this new joy I feel in giving healing now…

I wanted to share some more of what we learnt in class, more ‘off the grid’ stuff if you know what I mean? It is often the group discussions in class which provide the most interesting material for growth.

Did you know that each country has it’s own group consciousness / realm? Ric gave the example of Germany, which he describes as having a fear of chaos, which then creates a neurotic attempt to control. In England he hinted that the group consciousness may have to do with alcohol. The good news is, these can be released with MG. So, if your country of origin (or even the one you are in, if you have been here for many years) is bothering you with its pesky issue, help is at hand.

You may be struggling to explain to people what awakening is. Here is one way to address this with a person, suggested by Ric: “Take your experience now and then imagine what it would be like if there was no I in it”. It is probably better to use the word ‘I’ rather than ‘ego’, because of the stigma and baggage that word carries (i.e., ‘egotistical’, ‘ego maniac’ etc., which is something different). If that falls on deaf ears, try asking them to feel the I in the centre of their head (or heart – though this will be harder for most people). Explain that in awakening that I disappears.

The Navel AP, which I mentioned as being very good with physical issues, can also be cleared to help you release your birth experience. Most of us had fairly traumatic births, so let me know if this resonates for you.

Ok, I had better go to university now! I look forward to hearing from you and to sharing more of the adventure with you,



Awakening the BodyMind and the Core Beliefs


I’m back 🙂 I would love to see you for a session and can recommend it highly since I am in the ‘afterglow’ of class, which usually lasts about 2 weeks. Of course, the awakening movement is permanent (one of the things which makes Vortex Healing a unique healing art).

What a spectacular class… It never ceases to amaze me what can be done by the Divine on a group level. Amongst other things, I feel much closer to Merlin now, whereas before I could only truly relate to the Divine as Amma. I also resolved a lot of personal stuff which has been going on for a few years – in fact, all of it.

So, what’s in this for you?

We received a Divine Power Line in class, which makes our bridging 30% deeper. What that means is that when I am giving healing, I am able to bring more Divine energy into your system and meet what I am working on in you in a deeper and fuller way. Ric also discovered an AP (Assemblage Point) in the navel, which is excellent for releasing conditioning from the physical body (by clearing the reality streams from it, as with the normal AP in the heart area). Our class are the only ones who can currently do this in the lineage. Merlin’s Grace energy (which is the energy I am normally using with you) received an upgrade. This means that I can channel ‘Multi-Release’, which enables me to catch-up several things at once that are now separate steps in the Merlin’s Grace Protocol. And there is an incredible new aspect of MG called ‘kidney essence’, which raises the kidney energy throughout the whole system, giving you more energy on all levels (particularly physical). When we received this in class, people reported feeling younger and more energised in a way they had not felt before. I didn’t need to have caffeine after this, which I felt was pretty miraculous!

I think that is enough information for now; I will write more later. To give you a sense of what the overall point of this class was, essentially it was an embodiment class (and a way of waking up the ‘mind’ of the body). Ric said on this note: “Embodiment is about using stillness as a door, because what you are is going to keep emerging from that”.

I look forward to seeing you soon,



Truth V Conditioning


How are you? I know that some of you have just finished Inner Veil in London and also Core Veil, at the same venue (different room obviously). I am so excited for you and the bridging as oneness that this may have created. Please do write and tell me all about it – I am all ears! It is such a huge surrender and such a huge grace to be involved in taking Vortex Healing classes, so (without wanting to sound patronising) – well done.

I was talking with one of you last week and I was reminded of something I hadn’t thought about for a long time. When my ex-partner took her Vortex Basic class, she asked an interesting question to Anthony (the teacher): “How do I know when I am coming from conditioning and when I am coming from Truth? What’s the difference?”. Anthony replied simply that conditioning always has a story.

I hope this is a help to some of you, or maybe even all of you. I have found it very helpful myself. Not so much as a technique or something to ‘meditate on’ (when people say that, they are often doing anything but meditating), but as something much more direct and subtle than that. You know when you are trying to make a decision and your mind keeps coming up with lots of ‘reasons’ why you have to take a certain path? That’s conditioning. The more reasons and stories and elaborations there are, you can be sure that you are probably acting from mind, from fear, from conditioning. The truthful way (which comes from you as you are) is often the one which is quiet and totally non-demanding. Yet you can’t shake it off.

I received a lovely voicemail from one of you as feedback for a session we had done a couple of days before. Interestingly, although we were working on the physical body, he reported that, “the session was very transformative on a mental level” and that he had felt a lot of surrender and a sense of God during it. Another of you had a very deep response to a session we did to release grief. This person has also taken the Core Veil class (a little while ago). At the end of the session, in which she had had many tears, she said, “I can feel my clarity again now – I can feel the awake space”. She also texted a few days later to say, “thanks for helping me become more aware of the issues I have been holding, for some peace and clarity and deep healing and knowing that is here”.

The texts have really been flowing recently! The last one I want to mention for now is the following, which I received the day after a healing I gave this week: “Hi Daisy, I just wanted to thank you for the Vortex on Tues. It really helped me connect with my knowing that Vortex is a very valuable path for me and I need not use what goes on in my exterior world as a barometer for ‘progress’. I can sense what it feels like now not to be carrying all that isolation in my system”. Isn’t that beautiful? It is at moments like this when I think, “I have the best job in the world”. I want to say a huge thank you to all of you for choosing to work with me.

Remember that I will be going to Brighton today, for the class ‘Awakening the BodyMind and the Core Beliefs’. I will return next Friday 21st March.

Love to you all and sunshine too,


The Bigger Picture


How are you? I talked with some of you yesterday evening and had many interesting conversations. It feels good to catch up with how you are and how your journey is unfolding.

I want to let you know about time off I will be having to take the next Vortex Healing class, in Brighton, called ‘Awakening the BodyMind and the Core Beliefs’. When I know more about this exciting class I will share. As far as I know, it is an embodiment class bridging awake consciousness deeper through the physical body and breaking down the ‘Core Beliefs’, such as “I exist”, “I need ‘x'”, “I must survive” etc. (and all that that entails :-). It runs from the 14th – 21st March.

I had a very interesting talk with a friend about the purpose of giving Vortex Healing sessions, outside of the obvious. We concluded that in the bigger picture, having sessions aims to get you to the edge of genuine surrender to what is (not only as a flash of insight, but as an ongoing reality). This will take a varying amount of time depending on where you are in terms of that surrender. But receiving Vortex Healing is not about having sessions forever and the sessions being the be all and end all. The point is freedom. Please do ask me if you have any questions about this.

Some of you have wondered to me whether I receive Vortex Healing myself. Of course I do, though I admit not enough. The healings I have been exchanging with a practitioner-friend have been so powerful recently… After one I gave to her, she remarked, “That was the most physically intense session of my life”. The session was at a distance, incidentally, and this person has been doing Vortex since 1997. When the moment is right, the Divine can strike 🙂 This really has nothing to do with me, it is simply a question of timing, which ties in with what I have been talking about.

I often remark on the importance of catch-up work, i.e. bridging the release work done in the session through your whole system in an integrating fashion. There is a new discovery for this, which Ric writes about: “this is an important area that needs catching up: if you intend to catch up your LifeField pathways to all the other work you have done (with M.Grace), it should all be caught up within 10 minutes. And it will give you a good sense of the LifeField pathways since all the movement will be within them.” If you would like to have this done, please ask me.

And finally, also from Ric, something I thought would interest you: “This is to alert the general Vortex community that two new kinds of healing work have come in at the Merlin’s Grace level, in case you feel this can help you. As Merlin’s Grace has gone deeper, it is now effective at releasing the fascia pathways as well as what I call the biochemical pathways. The result is the ability to clear trauma at a much deeper level, to be able to get much deeper into the way both trauma and issues are held at a brain level”.

See you soon,



True Talking 2


First of all I would like to apologise to those of you who received the last review several times – it was a Yahoo fault. I think it may have been influenced by the Mercury Retrograde we are experiencing (5th – 28th of this month). For those of you who don’t know what that is, in a nutshell it is a planetary movement affecting communication, technology and transport, often with chaotic results! Does this ring any bells? 🙂

On the subject of movements, there was a mini lineage shift within Vortex Healing on the afternoon of Thurs 6th Feb. For me, this was huge and really flushed out a lot of core conditioning, though I had no idea why at the time (as Ric Weinman only informed us of the shift afterwards). If you have taken Vortex Healing classes (in particular Merlin’s Grace) you may well have felt the effects. I’m not sure the word ‘mini’ quite captures it! In terms of what this means now, Ric writes: “The nature of the shift will mainly impact the Merlin’s Grace wizards, as it will facilitate deeper levels of bridging that only you have. In particular when doing distance work.”

Last week I spoke about a very inspiring conversation regarding awakening, which I had with one of you. That theme seemed to continue into the next week, this time with the thread running right through the human-ness, like a kind of embodiment. I had a conversation with one of you which was the most difficult and the most important of my career. The person raised a personal issue with me, regarding how I had been during the last session. I suppose this was my worst-nightmare-scenario of what could happen with a client, and it happened. The way I engaged with it was to be much more honest than I thought possible, returning to the felt sense of Truth as my anchor. And from what I witnessed, this person attempted to do the same. Through that willingness to rely solely on what is real and authentic, tears began to flow for both of us and in an absolute meeting, the situation began to unfold and resolve itself. What an amazing experience…and one that really is hard to put into words.

During a session with somebody else last week, again it was in the talking part that so much healing work happened. I must stress that this is a question of the willingness to be authentic, on the part of both parties. At the end of this ‘true talking’, the person said to me, “It is really important to be able to have this kind of sharing of what is going on with me. Truth is coming through you it feels like, when we talk.” This is similar to what I mentioned someone having said to me the previous week. I am reminded of what Adyashanti calls ‘prajna’, a Zen term meaning ‘heart wisdom’, when the willingness to rest as the unknown allows the known to be spoken. I am not talking about any kind of mental “I know”, or about ideas or theories; I mean something far deeper than that. Does this resonate?

A happy story from one of you, who has had big problems with digestion and leaky gut, plus candida. He has experienced a big improvement in these areas, having tried everything under the sun first. He feels that the sessions with me, combined with taking Vortex Healing classes, have been the deciding factor in this physical transformation. I would add that it is his dedication to healing himself which has been the fuel for all of that. It is also interesting to note that I was not only working on the physical level – in fact, the main focus of our sessions was to clear the core emotional position he entered this life with. This gives further credence to the notion underpinning Vortex Healing, which is that it is the core sense of separation and the karmic, genetic and emotional expressions of that (the ‘conditioning’) which is the root cause of physical problems in the body.

And finally: I got a beautiful text from one of you which really brought a smile to my heart: “I’ve been great after our sessions. Fear has definitely been removed from so many different situations. It is sometimes so completely gone that I forget that just a few months ago the same situation would have been terrifying for me to deal with. Thank you so much”.

Please do call if you want a session, or simply want to share your experiences,



Appreciating You


How are you today? I just had a phone call with a person who really made me appreciate all of you so much and I wanted to share that. This person wanted my help in healing, but it became obvious to us both that the synergy of us was not going to work. It is rare that I have this experience and also rare that I meet a strong spiritualised ego. It reconnected me with your (and my own) true dedication to truth at all and any cost. So thank you, for being you.

I also wanted to let you know about some great new work with Merlin’s Grace, which helps to strengthen your energy system and increase health and wellbeing in your body. It is also great for clearing headaches, for example. It involves ‘optimising the energy pathways’ throughout your whole system (or in a specific area). Please note that you can do this yourself if you have trained in Vortex Healing to a reasonable level. This can also be done for the biochemical pathways and fascia pathways. It’s a real feel-good treatment to blow the winter cobwebs away.

I have joined a group Zen Meditation at the recommendation of my friend Neil and cannot recommend it highly enough. It feels like the deepest rest in the world… The technique is simple and it requires only a bit of co-operation with rules (posture, bowing etc. – not complicated). And of course, your passionate desire for truth! But I don’t have to tell you that. Here is the link:-

I am off to Glastonbury now and will return on Sunday night. Enjoy your weekend and see you soon.





How are you? I wonder how January is going for you and whether you are making plans for the rest of the year? I am looking forward to doing a Vortex awakening class in March and then going on a silent retreat with Adyashanti in August. You can still get on the waiting list for that I believe. But more importantly – are you touching into, in a deep way, what it is that you are in this life for?

On this subject, I have a video to share with you, which I watched with friends on NYE. It’s an old favourite, so forgive me if I am repeating myself:-

A number of you went through the very powerful experience of taking the Core Veil Vortex class last year. Ric (the founder of Vortex healing) describes this as ‘basic awakening’ and I agree with him, from my own experience. However, that is not to say that everything is suddenly ok after that because one is awake. It is the beginning, or can be, of a love affair with the Truth, with reality itself. Here is what one of you had to say about life after this class: “It was like I was living in a masked ball but didn’t know it, until I woke up from it”.

The work with the Assemblage Point is going very well indeed. Here is what I wrote after one session recently:-

At the beginning, after a long talk connecting us and working through some trauma, I closed my eyes and there was only oneness. Then I got moved into her heart and the tightness in there . Then gradually down into her root and the fear element – the pain first, then the fear was revealed. But all of this was happening spontaneously. There was no doer – I wasn’t doing anything. It happened and we both followed. Then after a while of being in her root, I did the AP protocol work.

This client said after this healing (plus another healing with a friend of mine): “So what I noticed is changes in my reactivity: I am more patient. I have more compassion and understanding beyond thinking. It feels good :-)”.

Another of you reported that after I had finished the AP protocol work on the core emotional position he entered this life with, a huge parasite came out of him. So, anything can happen with this work! And I got this lovely email the other day too: “So much has transpired since then. Lots of new positive insights. It’s amazing how these 4 healings have created such a subtle yet profound shift in me.”

Have a good Monday and I’ll see you soon,



What You Can Receive from Vortex Healing Now


I realised I haven’t written for a while about all the new ways in which Vortex Healing can help you at Merlin’s Grace level. Here are some of the techniques that I am now able to employ in our sessions together:-

Simply by channelling Merlin’s Grace energy alone on an issue you have will clear the issue from all the energetic bodies, through to the 8th Dimension; clear the issue from the Localised Consciousness of the Form (the ‘expression’ of awareness which is your human form) – through to the 8th Dimension; clear your chakras automatically; clear the geography of consciousness (imprints of your issues in the larger field of consciousness); clear the heart identity consciousness (literally the heart of the matter); clear issue beliefs & belief packages (that are ready to go); and catch up your inner ‘story’ – that is, the story you keep telling yourself about who you are.

Pretty good? As always though, I want to stress that I can help you meet your issue in a session and channel to clear a big bulk of it, but it is whether or not you are willing to meet that issue within your life which truly determines the end of that issue.

There is the work with the AP (Assemblage Point) & Reality Streams: this is our deepest way of utilizing Merlin’s Grace for issues. When used on someone with no Core Veil, it automatically breaks down all the identities that were associated with that issue, leaving very little in the rest of the system to catch up. And with someone with a Core Veil, it still releases the issue to the deepest possible extent currently possible.

Reality Rifting: Rifting enables you to access your other possible selves and their corresponding realities, and to some extent, bring one that is more desired into manifestation, replacing the one that is presently manifested. It is an incredibly powerful healing technique that works on both emotional and physical levels, accessed through Merlin’s Grace.

Merlin’s Grace can also strengthen a weak energy system and channel in a Special Grounding Frequency to bring you back down to earth (lol – I know, perhaps the Vortex Healing lingo could do with some of that too!). 

It can be used to clear Mum or Dad’s conditioning from your system, incorporating the release of the Parental World View Identity (as it sounds).

Since the recent Vortex Healing Earthshift, lineage shift, working with the Assemblage Point and  spending quality time with Amma, I have noticed that the sessions I facilitate have gone much deeper than before. Here is what some of you have experienced recently:-

Client 1: The session was to clear rejection. The client had such a deep release during the last part of the reality stream releasing from the Assemblage Point, that his body was shaking and he was crying within, his body even convulsed. This is a major thing for him and has only happened twice in about 5 years! I felt such deep stillness as both of us, that I was unable to channel at all for a few minutes and simply rested as oneness.

Client 2: “…I’m feeling much lighter today and my sinuses have stopped hurting since the healing! Thank you so much :-)…” (NB, I did not even work specifically on her sinus problem – the session was to release core guilt)

Client 3: by the end of the session, this client spoke about his experience of the healing (releasing deep anxiety in the body) and of Amma. He began to cry and shake uncontrollably. This continued for 20 minutes. I sat with him and remained as still as possible, whilst being totally intimate. It was an indescribable honour to be present with this movement of freedom arising as this person and breaking down conditioning on its way through.

Client 4 : During the session, I could smell Amma (her rose perfume) strongly and at many points throughout it. Very interesting, as there was none in the room.

Client 5 : At the end of the session, this client stared into my eyes and his mask was gone. He cried and kept on staring and everything which came up for him I could see dissolving into oneness. Very deep stuff had moved completely out of his system and he was able to finally rest. He said, “I can just be myself. I don’t have to try to be somebody”.

Client 6: An issue came out underlying the neediness / victim issue in this client: such deep pain and sorrow. It was heart-breaking. So we did the session based on the felt sense of this. And she smelled Amma – literally as if Amma was right beside her, throughout the session.

Client 7 : We hadn’t had a session together for some time, so I called this client. During the conversation, she said to me, “I can’t tell you what just speaking to you for a minute does”. Sometimes oneness will use my body-mind to meet a person where they are and I feel that that is the ‘you’ she was talking about.

Client 8 : By text from a client – “Hello darling, u can take this with a pinch of salt, and I was doing a process with Durga yesterday 🙂 u came up and she told me you are here to awaken other high level light workers, and in these instances the divine gives you extra oomph haha!!”.  I do take this with a large handful of salt 🙂 and I also believe it is the Divine and not me to whom this text refers, but I included it because of the thoughtfulness and care of this individual and the way that that warmed my heart.

There are so many more, and each session is its own sweetness and beauty. I hope no-one feels left out. Do contact me if you would like a healing,



Deeply Strengthen Your System


I’m feeling very inspired by a session I just did with one of you, so I thought I’d write. How are you? I would love to hear how your journey is going if you have time off the train to write 🙂

I wanted to say more about my experiences with Mother Meera. What I have found with her over the years is that if you go with a really strong intention she will meet you in that. That was my experience this time. I ended up doing the 1000 Names to Amma quietly while I was waiting for the ‘staring’ darshan from Mother Meera. That helped me let go of all the mind stuff and issues that were flying around. In the darshan, I felt met…it was an incredible feeling. I simply felt a complete meeting, like I was being received and also receiving Mother Meera as best I could. It was very beautiful and deep. I am dying to hear your stories about it, so please do write if you have any time at all.

Ric has explained an excellent new way to deeply strengthen your entire energy system. This is because of the way the new ‘Energise’ transmission works with the upgraded Merlin’s Grace transmission, coupled with discoveries he has made in the energetic navel of the human being. A stronger system energetically means you will be more robust on all other levels. Do try this, especially as the colder weather sets in.

There is also an entirely new Merlin’s Grace protocol for clearing issues, incorporating the Assemblage Point work with releasing Divine Structures, deep Identities, Vortex Therapy and Genetic Therapy (as it sounds), 9th and 10th dimensional releases and releasing Mum and Dad from your system (we love them, but, y’know…). The upgraded Merlin’s Grace and Energise channelling really feels different and I hope you will think so too: it goes deeper and feels fuller, more complete.

NB: ‘’ no longer works and has not done for a long time, so apologies if you have had problems contacting me through that address.

Happy Mondays to all 🙂 Ok – feel free to shoot me! Speak / write to you soon,



Receiving Everything


I would like to share some of how the retreat and the one-day with Marlies Cocheret were. The content of each was similar, though the different women in the groups brought unique flavours out. What I have noticed about attending retreats with both Adyashanti and Marlies, is that the after-effect really lasts. The impact of the retreat goes on, having the permanent quality which all true awakening teachings share.

We engaged in several exercises with one another and on our own, including a dance into nothingness (or I could equally say, everythingness) call the Tandava, self-inquiry into the nature of our experience of femininity (done in pairs) and guided meditations. The threads that ran through it all were a rooting in stillness, a celebration of the body and the willingness to reveal our vulnerability, as much as we wanted to. Here is an excerpt from my diary at the retreat in London. It is in regard to the experience of thoughts / feelings arising during meditation:-

‘Amazing to begin, tentatively, to receive. I am receiving what comes up and in and around. Instead of pushing everything away during meditation, I am receiving everything. Far from preventing Silence, in this way everything is spontaneously penetrated by Silence.’

As I am writing this, I am aware that I can’t possibly put into words the profound experiences I shared with the circles of women in Sussex and in London. It just sounds flat in comparison to the reality. As Adyashanti has said, “My job is to fail well”. Perhaps I am failing badly though…oh well!

There was a level of emotionality that was touched by the presence of Marlies that I haven’t experienced in many other places. I don’t mean the gushy level, where emotions are put on a pedestal well above their true place. More like the plain which is revealed when stillness begins to seep into the cracks of who you thought you were the moment before, and it cracks the mask beyond repair. Far from being forceful in nature, this kind of movement is subtle and refreshing, like a breeze, even while pain or passion or sadness are expressing. It feels to me like the place where all worlds meet.

On a practical note, I will be on holiday visiting friends in Finland from the 13th to the 19th of August, so please book before or after this time. The work with the Assemblage Point is going wonderfully, so do ask me about this if you haven’t yet had a session of clearing at this profound level.



Marlies Cocheret THIS WEDNESDAY in London


Well…the retreat was truly wonderful. I cannot write much about it now as I am still digesting it, but I will do next Monday.

GREAT NEWS: there may still be spaces on Marlies’s Women’s Day this Wednesday in Belgravia (near Victoria station). It runs from 9 30am til 5pm and you can apply by emailing her directly: Details are in the following link:-

I have nothing else to say right now, but I wanted to make contact with you. When I go away I often think of you, particularly when I am in spiritual community. I hope you are doing well and more than that diving into what you are,



Re-assemble to Harmonise Your Life


The weather is still here – Yey! Sorry, just had to say that! 🙂 I hope you are getting time and space to enjoy it.

I have been thoroughly enjoying working on the Assemblage Point. It is VERY powerful work and certainly the deepest work we can now do in Vortex Healing. As I mentioned, it even clears deep rooted identities (such as the Incarnational Identity of the issue at hand) for those without a Core Veil. And for those with one, these IDs become far easier to release afterwards.

So, what are the results? In my own system, I have noticed big shifts in my relationships as a result of working this way. And this also seems to be the case with those of you I have worked on. One of you managed to become clear about a difficult relationship AND began to leave it after only one session of this work. Others of you have reported that you feel your life has changed completely afterwards. Really fantastic stuff.

This weekend I have the privilege of being part of a retreat with Marlies Cocheret in Sussex. Here she is talking on YouTube if you are not yet familiar with her:-

As a result, the next review will be on Monday. I look forward to sharing with you again then. In the meantime, please do send me your stories, because I enjoy them 🙂 It’s kind of like eating. Ok, enjoy and bye for now,



The 2 ‘A’s: Adyashanti and Assemblage Points

Hello 🙂

I’m sorry this review is late – I have had a lot on my plate in the last week, including having to resign from one of my counselling placements.

I wanted to report a little on how it has been for me since Adyashanti’s retreat: it is as if there is a softness that is so subtle, yet it creates a lot of availability and transformation. As if the quieter the voice, the more impact it has. It is like continuous dynamic stillness.

Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense – I’m aware that it may well not!

Here is some more about the Assemblage Point from Ric, in case you are interested, or want me to work on yours with Merlin’s Grace energy:-

The Assemblage Point: This is brand new work and a new term for Vortex. It is now the deepest stuff we can do on a healing level. Over the last few weeks I have been emailing info to Merlin’s Grace wizards about this, since they are the only ones that can use it, but I want to make the general community aware of this new work.  The ‘assemblage point’ (AP) is a term that I first heard through the Carlos Castaneda books. According to his teacher, Don Juan, the AP is a point on our energy field that “assembles” our reality.  To Don Juan, that energy field looks like a “luminous egg”, and  the AP sits on it somewhere between the spine and right shoulder blade, about an arm’s length back. According to this view, we are all able to have a similar view of physical reality because our assemblage points are all in the same place, and so assemble the same kind of reality. I realised that the assemblage point was not a metaphor but a real, functional part of our energetic reality–and a very deep and key aspect of it. As something fundamental for assembling our personal reality, it contains a lot of the core blueprinting that determines our personal reality.

How the AP works:  It seems that at conception, as the new lifeform begins to grow, a new AP grows as well. As it does, zillions of what I have called “9th D possibility threads” (and now will call “possibility fields”) are brought together for that person, for that life. The possibility fields are then expressed in creation as streams of personal, local reality. I call these expressions of reality created by the AP “reality streams”. I began to play with releasing the possibility fields that were creating specific reality streams for issues, and the effects were amazing. And I was able to upgrade Merlin’s Grace to do this work. 

       Note that the AP gets at the causes of our experiences but does not directly impact our physical reality. For instance, releasing the possibility field that manifested the reality stream of an accident that broke a leg will not repair the leg. The physical universe is constructed from a deeper level; our AP’s construct our perceptions of that universe, our personal reality, which includes all the issues we project onto reality. (It is like the mind-body duality on a universe level, with the AP’s constructing the mind level.) On the other hand, although releasing the possibility field that manifested as the reality stream of cancer will not in itself clear the cancer, it will go a long way to releasing the emotional and consciousness basis of the cancer, which will help it to turn around.


And finally, here is an exerpt from an email I received from one of you:-

“I wanted to thank you for the last session we had and update you with what has been going on for me. I think there might have been a sort of satellite delay in my processing but as I lay down to bed on the night after our session, it started to dawn on me what actually happened. Maybe it was a taste, but I think there were moments of non-duality or recognition while I was with you. I expect you see all this a lot more clearly than I do, but I hope this makes sense and I am not talking crazy. It seems quite profound to me at the moment and I am still trying to grasp the implications of all of this. I don’t know if it will last but things seem fundamentally a bit different since then in my day to day life.”

See you soon I hope,



Retreat Report and more…

Happy Solstice to all 🙂

My friends Chetana and Mikko, along with Anthony Gorman and others, are doing some exciting earth healing dragon magic in Avebury today, which has been building up all week. Emails from Ric or Anthony will follow and I will pass on any news.

The retreat with Adyashanti was even more wonderful than I could have imagined. One of you was there with me, along with Sarah and quite a few Vortex students from Finland, the Netherlands (where the retreat was held) and England. This quote sums it up rather well:-

When I look within and see that I am nothing, that is wisdom.

When I look without and see that I am everything, that is love.

And between these two, my life turns.

Nisargadatta Maharaj

The experience for me was of embodying awakening in such a way that it was almost invisible. It was like grounding as beingness, which didn’t have an ‘end point’. It wasn’t flashy, there were no ‘bangs’ or ‘pops’, and that is the beauty of this style of teaching. Here is an excerpt from my diary:-

Walking in the forest tonight, in the dark, into great silence. The trees seemed to invite me in, draw me into their midnight darkness and depth. Into Truth and nothingness. But what a full nothing…


I was amazed at how real everyone was with their questions to Adya during satsang, particularly since there were 350 people listening! The rest of the retreat was held completely in silence. We were told that the two most important things to do were to maintain that silence and to show up on time for each of the 6 or so silent sittings per day. And I found that this container was most useful in deepening into silence and embodying (though I must admit I did do quite a bit of laughing and whispering to Sarah!). The overriding sense I got from the retreat was that resting as silence and stabilising in that primarily, is it.

Adyashanti will be holding a retreat in England in August 2014! He will also visit Copenhagen and possibly the Netherlands again just beforehand. You can register for these events in September by visiting his website.

I had a lovely session with one of you recently who said afterwards, “The heart was just…so open and the body was melting. I felt like I was waking up…”. There is no telling exactly why this happened – I leave that in the Mystery from which it arose – but this person is particularly sensitive to the ‘Surrender-Grace’ aspect of Merlin’s Grace energy. Please request this if you would like to try it and haven’t yet.

I have recently tried receiving healing from a practitioner of Scenar. Let me know if you would like his details. This is a healing machine (hand held) which works by stimulating the electrical energy in the body for healing. While I was receiving it for my neck, I literally felt a muscle PHYSICALLY move back into it’s correct position! Here is a video of Scenar being used on a breakfast television program:-

Ric is very excited about a new technique in Vortex which works with Assemblage Points. Please contact me if you would like me ‘to release or clear the possibility thread for ‘X issue’ from your assemblage point. And it can be done at a distance 🙂 More on that to follow.

That’s the news for this week. I look forward to seeing you soon,



Mukti Tonight in London


This evening, Adyshanti’s wife Mukti will be giving a talk on awakening at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education, Beauchamp Lodge, 2 Warwick Crescent

London, W2 6NE. It’s £12. I will be there along with other familiar faces. I can’t wait! This is the first time she has given satsang in London, maybe even in Europe (she is from California). She’ll also be doing a retreat day, which is all day Saturday.

I will be away 7th June – 15th June on a 7 night silent retreat with Adyashanti in the Netherlands.

Thank you to all of you who participated in the Bank Holiday deal. I noticed that the effect, power and clarity of the sessions on that day was very powerful. It seems this way on Bank Holidays in general; it’s like London finally breathes a sigh of relief and stops. And in that space we can really play with energy 🙂

I was in conversation with one of you yesterday and you said the most beautiful thing, which I want to share with the group. This person was describing his first meeting with the Dalai Lama and said it was like meeting his best friend. That really touched me…….that is exactly how I felt when I met Amma for the first time and I had never heard it expressed like that.

Have a great weekend,



If You Really Want The Fast Path, Slow Down…


This week I have had the pleasure and the privilege of spending time with Marlies Cocheret. Marlies was asked to teach by Adyashanti in 2001 and is also a psychotherapist and sacred sexuality expert.:-

At the beginning of the retreat day, she read a poem which she had written about her first and foremost love – Silence. It was so moving, I cried the entire way through and for most of the rest of the day. The poem met me in my deepest desire for God (aka Silence etc.) and I felt absolute Oneness and total humanity at once. The longing for God was overwhelming…like when I meet Amma. It occurred to me that THAT is what bridges the human and awakeness together – longing. So if you feel that, it is not wrong: it is a vehicle which can help deliver you into what it is you are truly seeking.

The title of this email is something Marlies said in answer to a question as to the fastest path to awakening. Slow down… She is all about receiving and “being touched by life – the pleasure and the pain”, as she puts it.

Not that this implies ‘taking’ or grabbing at all; rather a bodily sense of openly receiving what life is bringing you in this moment, and in every moment. It was so amazing to feel the way she works with people and where she is coming from as a being. She has a unique ability to meet each person in their whole Self – human and Divine, as one. I feel so inspired by her that I am attending another workshop this Wednesday, entitled ‘Silence and the Female Body’.

On a different note, here is Ric speaking about awakening in preparation for his appearance with Deepak Chopra and Caroline Myss at a conference in Argentina in May. I found a lovely transmission in it which I thought you might enjoy:-

Thank you to those of you who have offered yourselves to the Divine through receiving healing this week – it has been beautiful and wonderful and moving, as it always is. Thank you,



Grace Your DNA


Last week I compiled a guide to what I feel is needed for awakening. Some of you have asked whether it is in order of importance – yes it is. Please do write to me with your experiences around awakening, as I would love to hear them and hear what you have to say on…well…the most important subject in the world!

This Wednesday, I attended a memorial service for my Dad who died 2 years ago. It felt significant in helping me ‘get’ that he really is dead and helped bring through another wave and stage of grief for me and my family.

During a session this week, I realised again that clearing genetic identities is really something amazing. In this session, I finished clearing the one for ‘fear of lack’ in one of you. An enormous wave of grace came pouring through, which shook my body and made all my little hairs stand on end. Just when I thought that was it, another wave came through. Incredible stuff… I highly recommend having a session for this if you haven’t done so yet.

On that note, I have been noticing the difference in results when sessions are done regularly. Having a session once in a blue moon doesn’t do the same thing as having them on a regular basis. Regular sessions open up and clear your system in a much deeper and more thorough way AND help reveal more of what I can move there.

Thank you to all of you who have come in this week. As always, it has been a pleasure and a joy 🙂 Have a lovely weekend,



Breathe…or is that the Divine breathing you?


I had a fascinating experience this week while giving healing to one of you. At first the session was going at a gradual pace, but it wasn’t gradual at all during the Rifting part. The Divine simply started to breathe me. I was not doing anything and the Divine literally breathed me. At first they were very deep breaths, then they became short and sharper – like pranayamic breathing. I believe this was done in order to bridge the Rift in deeper and clear the incredibly dense conditioning that was in the receiver’s system.

I received a touching compliment from this person, who spontaneously commented that my “work is really excellent”.

In another session, one person said afterwards that it was the first time in their life that they had had an emotional release during a healing session. It was very moving when it happened. I was so surprised, I had to stop my reflex to comfort the person, which would only interrupt the process. It happened following the release of a genetic identity. To recap: this is an identification with an issue/disorder/disease that is held tightly in the genetics, and therefore in the body. Releasing them is proving very powerful for a lot of people.

I would like to point out that, although these are sessions which particularly stand out in my consciousness, every single session I do with you is an incredible and exciting journey into the unknown every time. I deeply honour you all for daring to be what you are and to face what you are not. It really takes guts.

Let me know if you would like healing or please do write with your own experiences of life. I am always interested to read what you have to say,



Happy Easter :-)


Happy Easter to you! I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the participants in today’s Good Friday Deal.

I am having an amazing day, with one client saying that the session was one of the most amazing he has had ever and that he felt throughout it a deep sense of gratitude and a bowing down in reverence to the Divine. This was following a release of a genetic identity – please let me know if you would like to experience this.

I must report also on a session yesterday, in which I had a deep and spontaneous connection with the isolated and withdrawn inner child of one client. Through the emotional connectedness between us, I was able to begin to see much more of what was going on psychically. One interesting result of the session was that he looked and felt more embodied in his masculine afterwards. This may be because withdrawal is, in a sense, a feminine wounding and perhaps healing this helped him rest more deeply in his masculine.

Again, thank you for the privilege of working with you – you truly are amazing. I hope all of you have an enjoyable Easter weekend and eat too much chocolate 🙂



Mother Meera and Awakening to 0-Self


How are you? It feels like a long time since I have written to you as I have been taking the Vortex Healing® class ‘Awakening to 0-Self’ and seeing Mother Meera in London.

Did any of you make it? I saw one or two of you there and would love to hear about your experience.

Mine was the experience of coming into alignment with what I am really here for and then resting in the knowing of that. My first darshan involved my offering a prayer to Mother Meera in my heart and then feeling the answer come straight away when she gazed into my eyes (as is the way of her darshan). The second darshan was more like resting in this knowingness within, seeing the reflection of that in her eyes. We are INCREDIBLY lucky to live in times when we can visit these mahatmas (great souls), who are in the deepest enlightenment and to meet with them in that as far as we are able to go. In the past there was Jesus and Neem Karoli Baba etc., now we have Amma, Mother Meera and Karunamayi. I just feel so amazed that this is possible – that we can simply visit them!

The ‘Awakening to 0-Self’ class was both an experience of deepening into embodiment of Truth and also awakening to a new sense of Truth which I was unaware of. Very profound and moving at times and also feeling that I came home into my body and out of denial of things that were not in alignment with my deepest and truest desire. In awakening we both are freedom itself and ALSO we are free enough to see the aspects of ourselves that are not free.

So, how does this benefit you?, you may be thinking. Ric discussed this in class, which I was very interested to hear. He said that as each of us moves deeper into awakening, so the power which we can bring to healing is greater. What amuses me about this is that once again I am reminded that thereis huge benefit to awakening, but not for me – not for the ego 🙂

I am currently reading a book that is so good, I would say it is the only book I have ever needed to read about enlightenment. I was given it as an e-book, so please let me know if you would like to receive a copy and I will email it to you. It is Adyashanti’s new book – “The Way of Liberation”.

And finally…after a session this week I was told something by one of you that I simply must share since it was so moving and deeply appreciated by me. I was told that I “went beyond the call of duty”. Well, there is certainly enough ego left here to enjoy that one. Thank you 🙂



And The Grace Goes On…


How are you? I have had another wonderful week of healing with you. In one session, I was working on clearing 9th Dimensional conditioning – yes, you really do occupy a lot of the universe! Every layer of you contains conditioning, even those you probably don’t spend much time in consciously. The receiver’s experience was that she felt “strings being cut from way up” and freeing her from the issue I was working on. She commented that she was feeling a sense  of loss even though she wanted to let go of the issue at hand. She described this as a “loss of that part of ‘me'”. It’s an interesting one isn’t it? We want to be free, but almost always when we experience that freedom we mourn the loss of the very thing which was making us suffer.

In another session, the receiver “was amazed at how much [he] could feel the energy”, saying “It was amazing…”. This was his first session with me, and I think often there is a special quality to these first sessions because everything is so new and the sense of human connectedness is so palpable. It also felt to me that during this healing the Divine was using my body-mind-heart to love and nurture this person. Whatever is needed is what happens for each session; I still find that incredible…

On a different note, I am afraid I am ending the 4 for 3 deal. I can no longer afford to offer this – apologies. This does not affect sessions which have already been booked on this basis. As a reminder, my usual fees are as follows:-

Vortex Healing® / Reiki / M-Energy Healing / Infinity Healing / Swedish Massage : £80 (at least 1 hour)

Indian Head Massage : £30 (at least 1/2 an hour)

Cancellation fee (in cases of less than 24 hrs notice) : £50

When you come for a session, please press the bell several times as it is a bit temperamental. Enjoy your weekend,



Waking Up Out Of Prison


This week I have been considering that healing and awakening are not about getting rid of anything. This may sound obvious, but there is often a hidden agenda in human beings that wants to get rid of what we don’t like, whatever that may be, particularly our feelings and thoughts.

But how can we be what we really are, if we cannot be all of it? Next time something comes up for you that you don’t like and your reflex is to ignore it, avoid it, transcend it or even be with it (but with the secret intention of getting rid of it), try simply allowing it to be here. I would be delighted to hear what happens.

Ric (founder of Vortex Healing) has written to us with an interesting tip on healing IBS and a host of other conditions. Here is his idea:-

“I just read that a study showed that 87% of IBS patients had anti-bodies in their blood that were attacking neurons in the gut (the gut brain). The idea is that these neurons of the gut brain regulate the gut, so if they are being stressed by the immune system, symptoms will develop. Most often, though, when the immune system is attacking the body, it is because there is a virus there.” 

I can release this virus with the level of Vortex Healing I am working with (this is also true for conditions other than IBS), so let me know if I can help you in this way. You may remember me writing to you a couple of weeks ago about gut brain and brain identities. Ric has discovered several others, the most interesting of which is an incarnational identity for each of our core issues. In other words, a deeply held identity in the very ‘vehicle’ in which we travel from lifetime to lifetime. After releasing an incarnational ID for one of you via Skype this week, this is what the receiver had to say:

“I wanted to cry with joy at the space…it was like waking up from a prison I didn’t even know I was in. It’s like I was in prison and didn’t even know it and then someone opens the door and it’s like, “Fuck!”. To know that I’m free of that place just feels like liberation and joy and it’s very emotional….it’s great. Massive freedom…and I’m feeling a very physical release of tension. It’s a palpable drop of tension.”

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Love, xDaisy

Gut Feeling


How are you? I am well and feeling a yummy kind of happiness from having taken care of a new-born baby and her Mum in UCH today. My friend had a c-section last night. So, that’s my world today.

To continue from last week, as well as the brain identities for major issues, there are also gut-brain identities. The gut brain (ENS – enteric nervous system) is now recognised by doctors as being its own brain, which will even function when the central nerve between it and the normal brain is cut. Exciting stuff 🙂 We carry a lot of suppressed material there, so I am now releasing this too. Here is what one of you reported after a session involving the release of a normal brain identity:-

“I haven’t done any catch up yet, because I keep blissing out all the time. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I’m very very grateful :-).”

He also reported having NO THOUGHTS that evening when he got home.

I want to share with you part of my diary from Amma’s ashram, to give you a feel of my own transformation and the shifts that tend to take place around this living avatar:-

“I did the 108 names, slept and did healing on my chest [I had a chest infection], and then did the 300 names. My intention was to release and let go of the tendency towards negative thinking. Afterwards I meditated spontaneously. I found myself feeling a sense of death and ending – something which I have felt numerous times.

This time, instead of moving away (and also while letting go of the panic at this), I went towards the feeling. I told myself to follow this river of truth within, wherever it may want to take me; to flow downstream with the river and let it take me. I felt the sense of this death/ending more deeply for quite some time. But then I went through it, like a dropping that was beyond my control, and eventually came out the other side. Then I felt a sensation like a sun rising. It started to shine from deep within and rise into the place where that death had been. It was like the experience I had in Sensing class recently, and the process was similar too, only this time it feels like it has gone even deeper.”

Thank you for indulging me! I hope you are well and wrapping up warmly in the snow,

Lots of love,


Amma, New Healing Tools and More :-)

Hello, hello, hello 🙂
I am back from seeing Amma
in India with renewed vigour
and love for awakening, work and
learning. And actually just having
fun: that part is embodied
in Amma’s laugh, which
seems to resound through the ashram.
Amma is always laughing:
there’s a lot to be seen just in that.
I don’t have the words to express
the depth of my experience
there yet, but they will come.
Suffice to say, stillness is here.
There are a few new and wonderful
things which can be done
with Vortex Healing and I wanted
to let you know about them.
There is a great way to transform
your meridians and ‘voridians’
(yes, it’s a Ric-ism) and bring life
back to your sleepier organs,
using Merlin’s Grace. This
helped me get over a chest
infection, for example, whilst in India.
Transforming the cellular
consciousness of the brain
has also become more important,
as has the new step of releasing
identities in the brain which
are based only on issues (5-10 mins).
This will help the whole system to
recognise that it is not that issue.
Also, for anyone with Lyme or Herpes
(or possibly other stubborn pathogens),
I can now channel the ‘anti-Lyme
transmission into any Lyme in the system’
(or whichever pathogen it is) – 40 mins max.
This replaces the burning out of the
infection in the clearing-infections protocol.
Nice to have some deeper tools for these
difficult kinds of infections.
And finally, how much are your chakras
receiving from life and how
much are they expressing? If you have the
feeling that you are blocked
somewhere, in the solar plexus
for example, it may be because
the chakra is not balanced
in it’s giving and receiving. Dealing
with this can also reveal the deeper
issue around receiving, or perhaps
hesitancy in getting your hands dirty,
which in turn can really change your life.
Ask me more about this if it resonates.
I have a few spaces left this
weekend, which I would love to fill
with giving healing to you – so do
get in touch on 07931 536 700.
Love and much more Love 🙂

A Belief is the Magic Dust We Add to A Position

Hello 🙂
Beliefs are generally
thought of as a mental thing,
but they are so much more than that
– infiltrating the whole system, the
heart, even the physical tissue.
You literally live and breathe
what you believe.
This week, I was able to witness
the power of releasing such a
belief during a session with
one of you.
The belief was “I’m not safe”
and I have found this tends to
get created in reaction to
abuse of any kind. As I began
to intend for this belief to clear,
my client began to breathe
very quickly and shallowly.
Then she started to shake right through
to her core. She cried and
allowed herself to really let go.
This was not a dramatised
process, rather a healthy giving
up of a deeply held position.
You could say, she was ready.
Do let me know your thoughts on this
and any questions you may have
about releasing beliefs or anything else.
I am here until next Monday
and then after the 9th Jan,
ps Sorry it’s late!


Laughter at the Heart of It All

Hello 🙂
It feels so good to be
writing to you again. I hope
this review finds you in a
true space and adapting ok
to the suddenly cold weather.
As always, I have many Amma
stories from her recent visit to
London, but I will share only
one with you. Please do send
your own stories in if you feel to.
One morning, I got to sit very close
to Amma while she was giving
darshan. I could overhear the
questions which people were
asking and the translations from
Malayalam by the Swami.
The thing I noticed most was
Amma’s laughter…it is so
beautiful to hear her laugh
and to talk as if literally drunk
on bliss. It was as if she was
intoxicated by the state which
seems to simply be reality for
her, a way of being.
The questions which really seemed
to interest her were the ones
which were not only of benefit
to the person asking, but to
the whole – to everyone.
That in itself was quite a teaching.
She would spend time on them,
laughing and joking and
also listening deeply and fully.
Then one couple went up and told Amma
a joke, which I didn’t hear, but
she laughed quite a bit and said:-
Everybody wants a relationship
these days because they want
someone they can boss around.
In fact, relationships have
even been substituted for pets,
since they are even easier!
I thought it was hilarious!
(but maybe you had to be there…?)
What that said to me is that
Amma is not the goody-goody saint,
she’s about that divine laughter
that’s at the heart of existence
and about being real.
Here is another story which
one of you has sent me:-
A friend told me that she was so messed
up once that she couldn’t get her shit together
to see Amma. But even though she missed
seeing/hugging her, realising that
made a huge impact on her life…
She quit drinking, the loser boyfriend
and changed her life dramatically!!!
I love that 🙂
I would also like to share that
we made a staggering £13, 500
for Amma’s charities in the
massage area!
It has given me so much
joy to know that what we
do really does make a
difference to people’s lives.
I want to finish with a quote
from Adyashanti that a friend
gave me for my Birthday:-
“Actually, all paths lead away
from the truth…’s that?
All paths. There’s no such thing
as a path to the truth. The truth’s
already here – where are you going?”

Hello from Amma’s in Paris

Hello 🙂
Apologies for the lateness of this
newsletter. I am in Paris
with Amma at the moment.
We are just outside the city,
in a pretty and peaceful suburb
called Cergy.
I will return tomorrow
(Sunday) and look forward to
seeing many of you at Amma’s
program in London, where you can
find me in the massage area.
If you have never met Amma,
here is a little introduction from
the funny and engaging
Louis Theroux:-
I want to share a few experiences
I have had since being here.
For me, it is often during bhajans
(devotional singing) that the most
powerful in-body insights are
At one point, Amma cried out so
intensely to God during one
such bhajan, that I felt a
ball of energy come hurtling
into my heart and I fell into bliss.
In that state, I realised that
giving and receiving are the
same thing – there is literally
no difference between them.
Later during Amma’s set,
 I began to feel grief and
sadness arising. I realised
that this was not actually
coming from me and as I looked
for the root I sensed it
coming in from Sarah and
into my heart.
If I sat as beingness, open,
the grief got transformed through
my heart and body. If I went
into mind/thinking, the process
stopped. Amma was showing
me very clearly how to work
with people in a
more effective way.
And simultaneously
this spelled out for me the deeper
significance of awakening.
That it really isn’t about me,
rather it is meant to serve the whole
of life and alleviate suffering.
These are all things that one can
‘know’ and they may sound
very basic, but it is quite
another thing to actually feel,
experience and realise them.
You may be pleased to hear
that apparently Amma is
beginning to discourage people
from wearing white. I think she
doesn’t want the organisation to
be seen as some kind of cult.
See you soon and
please send me your stories,
Love and Love and Love,

Can you BE with it?

Hello 🙂
How are you?
This week I have learnt a
lot about simply being with
what is. As some of you know,
I have begun a BA in Person-Centred
Counselling, which I am fitting around
healings. While sharing in a group, a woman
on the course began to cry heartfelt tears.
I noticed that I was immediately
wanting to know the ‘right thing’ to say
and do to help. While expressing this later on
in the group, the tutor asked the woman
“Did you need anything while that
was happening?” and she said,
“No. It was just so good to be free
to express that and have you
all here with me”. In that moment
I realised, I really don’t have to
rescue anyone. That was very
profound… I hadn’t realised that
I had that pattern so strongly.
Now I am able to let go,
and already I am seeing the
true help that that is offering you.
I would love to hear about
your own experiences around
this if you have any.
The other deep learning came
from doing a healing session.
In this session, a deep darkness
came up for the receiver,
which she acknowledged and
described to me. As I tuned
into it, I instinctively wanted
to just be there with it and
hold the space.
No channelling
came, simply being beingness itself.
And then something hit me that
a friend had told me 6 months ago.
This was the ‘shadow’ he had talked
about. He had said that he needed
to be with his shadow like a friend and
give it lots of space, because he
had been suppressing it.
That knowledge became felt in
a split second and I was able
to do just that.
We can bandy-around
concepts like ‘the shadow’, but when it
really becomes real, it is something
that is…of the body in a sense –
much more than words.
So, if you are suppressing
and pushing away this part
(we ALL have it)
of you, try simply being with
it and giving it room – it may be
the first time it has ever received
this kind of love and acceptance.
A couple of reminders…
you have until the 30th October
to register for the Adyashanti
retreat lottery (for the Netherlands
next June). Here is the link if
you are interested:-
And don’t forget that Amma is coming
23rd – 25th October. I will be giving
massage, so you can find me there.
Here are the details:-
Do let me know how you are
and what is going on for you.
Have a lovely weekend,

Who knows how? But it works.

Hello 🙂



I want to share with you
some results people have
experienced after recent
sessions with me.
Don’t worry – no names
will be revealed!



One person, over the course
of a few sessions, has stopped
getting pain in her legs.
She had had this pain for many
years previously. This
seemed to happen simply
from working on fear issues,
rather than lots of direct work
on her legs.



It’s interesting
to see what an impact
emotional conditioning has
on the body: the roots of body
issues are almost always
more than skin deep.



Another person said there was
no way he could have gone to
work on Monday, had he not
received healing over the
weekend. I remember feeling
this way myself when I
worked at various jobs in
the past – I had to heal my
way to work. When you are
following truth, it doesn’t
always take into account
that you need to work.
It is a seductive lover!


Another lovely result was that
somebody experienced
a new sense of safety,
following a session
to release abuse conditioning.
She said she no longer had
to check to see if she was
safe all the time.



And finally, one person
had a distance session
in which they received a
direction from life itself. She
heard the word ‘stillness’
in a very clear way, from
nowhere. I was thrilled
about this, as you can imagine…



Thank you for the opportunity
to work with you and for your
wonderful feedback.
I would love to hear from
you if you have your own
story, or if you have anything
else to say (including
constructive criticism),

Mother Meera, Adyashanti and more!

Hello 🙂



I will be briefer than usual
this week, since I am busy
treating many of you today.



I wanted to let you know that
Adyashanti will be having his
first European retreat ever (drums….),
in the Netherlands in June 2013!



The only other way to see him,
generally, is to fly to California.
To get a place, you need to register:-



Also, THIS MONTH, we are lucky
enough to have Mother Meera
in London. You need to register
for darshan to get a place:-



And don’t forget that Amma will
be here from 23rd to 25th Oct.
If nothing else….you MUST 🙂



Have a sunny weekend
inside and out,
Much Love,



Doubt Vs Not-Knowing

Hello 🙂



First of all I want to
thank all of you who
took up the Bank Holiday
deal. It is a pleasure to be
able to help you help yourselves.



I have noticed in some of
you and in myself the contrast
between doubt and not-knowing,
and I want to talk this today.



From my perspective, not-knowing
is the natural state:
the oneness within all of
us – whether it is realised or not.
It is perhaps the biggest taboo
in our modern society: “whatever
you do, don’t admit you don’t know”
is the silent message in the
ether all around us.



I perceive doubting to be a habit
that many of us fall into, and
it can be very convincing
because it has its roots in fear.

It is linked to the kind of thinking that

says, “I OUGHT to know” “I SHOULD
know.” But in reality, we don’t.



When this reality is embraced,
there is not-knowing, which is
an expression of freedom itself.



When it is rejected, there is doubt or
the “I know” which is so
prevalent in people. This is also
true of some psychics I hasten to add,
who often believe that they
‘know’ things which can help you.



So, if you take away doubt,
there is simply not-knowing.
This is misleading too, in that
‘you’ don’t take it away. It falls
away of it’s own accord,
when there is a natural
movement into oneness or stillness.



Hence, the crucial importance
of a pathway to that stillness,
for example meditation.
But again I want to point
out that real stillness is
spontaneous and cannot truly
be induced by any technique.



My advice is to leave the door
open for this state of purity
and freedom. That’s all I

can really say at this stage.




In case any of you are
interested in how I became
a healer, I have updated this
section of my web site, which
you may find interesting:-




The Sunlight or the Cave? You choose.

Hello 🙂

Inspired by a long-loved song
(hence the title) and by
seeing what it takes to
shine at the Olympics,
I want to talk today about
what it means to be oneself
in the world.
For me and for so many
of you who have come
for healing this week,
there is conditioning within
which seems to interfere
with this self-expression
and the joy of being 
right in the middle of life.
Issues such as guilt, fear,
disempowerment and victim
consciousness, can create
an unfulfilling and limited life.
But they don’t have to.

What I have seen is that

playing the victim, feeling

disempowered or guilty
and clinging to fear are
all a choice. With that
awareness as a foundation,
I have seen these
issues being transformed
through healing.
Adyashanti sums this up in another way:-
“As soon as you start giving yourself to
the world, it gives itself to you.” ~ Adyashanti
On that note…
Two events are coming up
which you are warmly invited to 🙂
One is ‘Return to Innocence’,
a co-creation gathering in
Sussex where I will be
giving a group healing.
This event is run wholly
on a donation basis.
I am planning on being there
from the 14th to the 17th Aug.
Please email me for full details.
Here is an idea of what
to expect:-
Acroyoga, Thai Massage , Contact dance,
Chanting/kirtan , Bodypainting, Lifedrawing, Group Healing
Lake swimming or swimming pool dip (pool is next door at neigbours)
Walking in the Nyman Woods
Cooking and washing up on rotation
Accomodation: camping
The other is an exhibition and
club night displaying Sarah’s
photography on the 18th Aug.
Don’t be put off by the name!
(please click)

 Enjoy your weekend,


Rifting Results

Hello 🙂
Rifting is going wonderfully 🙂
Here is one example of
how it has transformed
a client’s life…
She reports that she feels
much more present,
that there’s a sense of
willingness to really ‘be here’ 
and not hide anymore.
And that if people are not
in her life, that’s ok
because there’s more of
a sense of her own truth
and more solidity in 
her system.
People have been interested
in the effect of the ‘I-Point
and Duality of Awareness
and Consciousness’ course.
It feels like now I am
living as the unknown,
rather than running
 to the mind to ‘know’.
In terms of healing, this is
significant because it deepens
the experience for both parties,
in that the unknown, or rather beingness,
‘here’ touches that beingness ‘there’
in a more consciously felt way.
And that then means that the
channelling can move more conditioning.
Ok, not possible to really explain
in words, but there’s my attempt!
Have a lovely weekend,