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Breathe…or is that the Divine breathing you?


I had a fascinating experience this week while giving healing to one of you. At first the session was going at a gradual pace, but it wasn’t gradual at all during the Rifting part. The Divine simply started to breathe me. I was not doing anything and the Divine literally breathed me. At first they were very deep breaths, then they became short and sharper – like pranayamic breathing. I believe this was done in order to bridge the Rift in deeper and clear the incredibly dense conditioning that was in the receiver’s system.

I received a touching compliment from this person, who spontaneously commented that my “work is really excellent”.

In another session, one person said afterwards that it was the first time in their life that they had had an emotional release during a healing session. It was very moving when it happened. I was so surprised, I had to stop my reflex to comfort the person, which would only interrupt the process. It happened following the release of a genetic identity. To recap: this is an identification with an issue/disorder/disease that is held tightly in the genetics, and therefore in the body. Releasing them is proving very powerful for a lot of people.

I would like to point out that, although these are sessions which particularly stand out in my consciousness, every single session I do with you is an incredible and exciting journey into the unknown every time. I deeply honour you all for daring to be what you are and to face what you are not. It really takes guts.

Let me know if you would like healing or please do write with your own experiences of life. I am always interested to read what you have to say,



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