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About Daisy

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the sense of something indescribable – something like the real nature of things. In 2001, this quality manifested itself completely for a few moments when I met the ‘hugging saint’ Amma, who I recognised as my teacher. But I never thought it could actually take over, because I believed I had too many issues and was under the illusion that they stood in the way. After years studying under Amma and a diverse range of other masters and teachers and having trained in bodywork, Reiki, Vortex Healing® and other healing modalities, I was getting ready to give up my day job and open my own healing practice. During this time, the quality of reality I have attempted to put words to, took over spontaneously. This happened during a Vortex Healing® class in 2005 but it was not ‘supposed to’ take place there, in that there was a class dedicated to this for more advanced students, further down the line. It was my teacher, Ric Weinman, who confirmed what had happened.

Immediately, there was a radical shift in the sense and feel of the entirety of life, of other people, objects, nature and myself – everything. The felt sense, ironically, was one of complete ordinariness, you could say complete and ordinary unconditional love. But that love was not experienced for an ‘I’, rather it was sensed as what is: what I am and what everything else is. It didn’t mean, though, that all my ‘issues’ magically vanished, not at all. There was simply no longer the feeling of myself as an ‘I’ ‘apart from’, or separate from, life or others. Simultaneously, I perceived that no one else was an individuated ‘I’ either. The significance of this for my work is that there is a facilitation of channelling from and as this reality, wholeness itself, which deepens the work immeasurably.

In 2012, I decided to expand and train in Counselling, based on experiences I was having in my healing work with clients. I am now a qualified Counsellor with the BACP and received my BA(Hons) in Counselling in 2015. In addition, my training under Amma and in Vortex Healing® are ongoing. I have worked as a Counsellor in private practice and in two voluntary clinical placements. I am currently also working as an Equine Assisted Therapist for a professional sports charity. In all my work, I listen to and am moved by that quality which is what I am and what you are, facilitating healing of the wounds left by trauma, fear, hurt, anger and other past experiences. I do not believe I know more than you, particularly about you, nor do I hide behind theory. My desire is to fully embody that indescribable quality I have mentioned and to serve life as that through my natural gifts and abilities and my training.

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