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Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the sense of something indescribable yet ever-present: a kind of radiant mystery at the heart of life. Through skateboarding, music, swimming and the club scene in London, I found myself aligned instantly with this quality, moving into 5Rhythms Dance and Buddhist meditation when I was 18. At 23, this radiance manifested itself beyond anything I had ever known before when I met the ‘hugging saint’, Amma.

After years of intense study under Amma and a diverse range of other masters and teachers, such as Adyashanti, and having trained in bodywork, Reiki, Vortex Healing® and other healing modalities, this quality of being spontaneously took over everything. It happened during a Vortex Healing® class named ‘Heart, Freedom, Presence’ when I was 25. There was suddenly a radical shift in the sense and feel of the entirety of life – of other people, objects, nature and myself, of everything. The felt sense, ironically, was one of complete ordinariness and naturalness, yet there was total undivided oneness. This oneness was not experienced for an ‘I’, rather it was sensed as what is: what I am and what everything else is, viscerally and profoundly – without even a slight amount of room for division or doubt. There was simply no longer the experience of myself as an ‘I’ apart from, separate from, life or others – that had gone completely. Simultaneously, I perceived that no one else was an individuated ‘I’ either. Oneness, undivided-ness, was perceived as the only reality, almost like an energy, and as the substance of everything.

Having run my own practice as a healer and bodyworker for many years, I decided to train in therapy in 2012 to deepen the work with my clients. I am now a qualified Counsellor with the BACP and received my BA(Hons) in Counselling in 2015. I have worked as a Counsellor in private practice and in 4 voluntary clinical placements, specialising in heroin and crack addiction in deprived areas of London. In addition, my training under Amma, Adyashanti and in Vortex Healing® are ongoing. Alongside running my own practice, I am also working as an Equine Assisted Therapist.

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