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Doubt Vs Not-Knowing

Hello 🙂



First of all I want to
thank all of you who
took up the Bank Holiday
deal. It is a pleasure to be
able to help you help yourselves.



I have noticed in some of
you and in myself the contrast
between doubt and not-knowing,
and I want to talk this today.



From my perspective, not-knowing
is the natural state:
the oneness within all of
us – whether it is realised or not.
It is perhaps the biggest taboo
in our modern society: “whatever
you do, don’t admit you don’t know”
is the silent message in the
ether all around us.



I perceive doubting to be a habit
that many of us fall into, and
it can be very convincing
because it has its roots in fear.

It is linked to the kind of thinking that

says, “I OUGHT to know” “I SHOULD
know.” But in reality, we don’t.



When this reality is embraced,
there is not-knowing, which is
an expression of freedom itself.



When it is rejected, there is doubt or
the “I know” which is so
prevalent in people. This is also
true of some psychics I hasten to add,
who often believe that they
‘know’ things which can help you.



So, if you take away doubt,
there is simply not-knowing.
This is misleading too, in that
‘you’ don’t take it away. It falls
away of it’s own accord,
when there is a natural
movement into oneness or stillness.



Hence, the crucial importance
of a pathway to that stillness,
for example meditation.
But again I want to point
out that real stillness is
spontaneous and cannot truly
be induced by any technique.



My advice is to leave the door
open for this state of purity
and freedom. That’s all I

can really say at this stage.




In case any of you are
interested in how I became
a healer, I have updated this
section of my web site, which
you may find interesting:-



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