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Happy Easter :-)


Happy Easter to you! I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the participants in today’s Good Friday Deal.

I am having an amazing day, with one client saying that the session was one of the most amazing he has had ever and that he felt throughout it a deep sense of gratitude and a bowing down in reverence to the Divine. This was following a release of a genetic identity – please let me know if you would like to experience this.

I must report also on a session yesterday, in which I had a deep and spontaneous connection with the isolated and withdrawn inner child of one client. Through the emotional connectedness between us, I was able to begin to see much more of what was going on psychically. One interesting result of the session was that he looked and felt more embodied in his masculine afterwards. This may be because withdrawal is, in a sense, a feminine wounding and perhaps healing this helped him rest more deeply in his masculine.

Again, thank you for the privilege of working with you – you truly are amazing. I hope all of you have an enjoyable Easter weekend and eat too much chocolate 🙂



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