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Mother Meera and Awakening to 0-Self


How are you? It feels like a long time since I have written to you as I have been taking the Vortex Healing® class ‘Awakening to 0-Self’ and seeing Mother Meera in London.

Did any of you make it? I saw one or two of you there and would love to hear about your experience.

Mine was the experience of coming into alignment with what I am really here for and then resting in the knowing of that. My first darshan involved my offering a prayer to Mother Meera in my heart and then feeling the answer come straight away when she gazed into my eyes (as is the way of her darshan). The second darshan was more like resting in this knowingness within, seeing the reflection of that in her eyes. We are INCREDIBLY lucky to live in times when we can visit these mahatmas (great souls), who are in the deepest enlightenment and to meet with them in that as far as we are able to go. In the past there was Jesus and Neem Karoli Baba etc., now we have Amma, Mother Meera and Karunamayi. I just feel so amazed that this is possible – that we can simply visit them!

The ‘Awakening to 0-Self’ class was both an experience of deepening into embodiment of Truth and also awakening to a new sense of Truth which I was unaware of. Very profound and moving at times and also feeling that I came home into my body and out of denial of things that were not in alignment with my deepest and truest desire. In awakening we both are freedom itself and ALSO we are free enough to see the aspects of ourselves that are not free.

So, how does this benefit you?, you may be thinking. Ric discussed this in class, which I was very interested to hear. He said that as each of us moves deeper into awakening, so the power which we can bring to healing is greater. What amuses me about this is that once again I am reminded that thereis huge benefit to awakening, but not for me – not for the ego 🙂

I am currently reading a book that is so good, I would say it is the only book I have ever needed to read about enlightenment. I was given it as an e-book, so please let me know if you would like to receive a copy and I will email it to you. It is Adyashanti’s new book – “The Way of Liberation”.

And finally…after a session this week I was told something by one of you that I simply must share since it was so moving and deeply appreciated by me. I was told that I “went beyond the call of duty”. Well, there is certainly enough ego left here to enjoy that one. Thank you 🙂



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