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Journeying into Self


I would like to share this video with you, which is about spiritual autonomy. It was forwarded to me by one of you, with whom I had a fascinating conversation about self. I was sharing that it is challenging for me at university to talk about ‘self’, because for me there is no inherent separate self and has not been for many years now. Adyashanti addresses this by exploring the absolute self and the relative self and, crucially, discusses the significance of spiritual autonomy.

Next week I will be taking the ‘next level’ of Vortex Healing® which is called ‘Awakening to 0-Self’.

This is how I understand what this means: Consciousness arises from Awareness, but it experiences this Awareness as being ‘out there’, so Awareness is perceived and felt as an image and not as it truly is. This is the deepest creation of the sense of separate self which Ric has currently discovered. It is not localised to the body, but fills all of Consciousness becoming Universal Self. This Universal Self is so vast and transcendent, that is FEELS like True Self (and is what many people mean when they describe ‘their True Self’). But really it is our first self-identity – ‘I’. In this class, we awaken from this subtle primary sense of I. Ric comments, “That’s where freedom lies, free of all ego and sense of self.”

I will be attending the class from 14th – 20th March, so please book in advance if you would like a session. Enjoy your weekend,



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