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Mother Meera in London


Apologies for the lateness of this review – I have been so busy treating you all that I have only just got round to writing it.

I am happy to tell you Mother Meera is coming to town 🙂 She’ll be in London on the 20th and 21st of March. For those of you who have not yet met her, Mother Meera is an avatar (fully enlightened master who is in service to humanity) who gives her blessing by staring into your eyes silently as you sit in front of her individually. I HIGHLY recommend this; here is the link:-

Sadly, the world of Vortex Healing has had a departure this week, which is that Jane Flynn has retired from teaching. I did my training alongside her and will miss her and I know that some of you have been taught by her over the years.

On a different note, I must share this report with you from one person receiving regular sessions with me:-

“We have had 4 sessions up to now & every night afterwards I have had very vivid, lightful/ colorful & pleasent dreams. The one after our 3rd session was one of the nicest dreams in my life! This is amazing because I dream very little, and the few dreams I have are usually dark, stuck & nightmares – in spite of the many MDJ/ MG sessions before. Thank you & have a wonderful weekend!”

As we know with false identities, there is always another one deeper down in the system, and this time Ric has discovered them in the genetics. He reports that:-

“a genetic level identity is held in every cell of the body (in the DNA)…I did one this morning relating to allergies and there were layers and layers of it. If you consider that these are ancestral identities, then what goes into them are many generations of identity, which can sit like layers of historical identity in the DNA. So, maybe 6 times I thought at first I was finished, only to find that it was just a layer of the identity. Each layer creates relief…It probably took me 40 minutes to release this one.”

From the responses I have had to releasing incarnational identities, I expect that releasing these genetic ones will be extremely transformative. So let me know if you feel inspired to clear these within yourself.



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