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And The Grace Goes On…


How are you? I have had another wonderful week of healing with you. In one session, I was working on clearing 9th Dimensional conditioning – yes, you really do occupy a lot of the universe! Every layer of you contains conditioning, even those you probably don’t spend much time in consciously. The receiver’s experience was that she felt “strings being cut from way up” and freeing her from the issue I was working on. She commented that she was feeling a sense  of loss even though she wanted to let go of the issue at hand. She described this as a “loss of that part of ‘me'”. It’s an interesting one isn’t it? We want to be free, but almost always when we experience that freedom we mourn the loss of the very thing which was making us suffer.

In another session, the receiver “was amazed at how much [he] could feel the energy”, saying “It was amazing…”. This was his first session with me, and I think often there is a special quality to these first sessions because everything is so new and the sense of human connectedness is so palpable. It also felt to me that during this healing the Divine was using my body-mind-heart to love and nurture this person. Whatever is needed is what happens for each session; I still find that incredible…

On a different note, I am afraid I am ending the 4 for 3 deal. I can no longer afford to offer this – apologies. This does not affect sessions which have already been booked on this basis. As a reminder, my usual fees are as follows:-

Vortex Healing® / Reiki / M-Energy Healing / Infinity Healing / Swedish Massage : £80 (at least 1 hour)

Indian Head Massage : £30 (at least 1/2 an hour)

Cancellation fee (in cases of less than 24 hrs notice) : £50

When you come for a session, please press the bell several times as it is a bit temperamental. Enjoy your weekend,



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