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Waking Up Out Of Prison


This week I have been considering that healing and awakening are not about getting rid of anything. This may sound obvious, but there is often a hidden agenda in human beings that wants to get rid of what we don’t like, whatever that may be, particularly our feelings and thoughts.

But how can we be what we really are, if we cannot be all of it? Next time something comes up for you that you don’t like and your reflex is to ignore it, avoid it, transcend it or even be with it (but with the secret intention of getting rid of it), try simply allowing it to be here. I would be delighted to hear what happens.

Ric (founder of Vortex Healing) has written to us with an interesting tip on healing IBS and a host of other conditions. Here is his idea:-

“I just read that a study showed that 87% of IBS patients had anti-bodies in their blood that were attacking neurons in the gut (the gut brain). The idea is that these neurons of the gut brain regulate the gut, so if they are being stressed by the immune system, symptoms will develop. Most often, though, when the immune system is attacking the body, it is because there is a virus there.” 

I can release this virus with the level of Vortex Healing I am working with (this is also true for conditions other than IBS), so let me know if I can help you in this way. You may remember me writing to you a couple of weeks ago about gut brain and brain identities. Ric has discovered several others, the most interesting of which is an incarnational identity for each of our core issues. In other words, a deeply held identity in the very ‘vehicle’ in which we travel from lifetime to lifetime. After releasing an incarnational ID for one of you via Skype this week, this is what the receiver had to say:

“I wanted to cry with joy at the space…it was like waking up from a prison I didn’t even know I was in. It’s like I was in prison and didn’t even know it and then someone opens the door and it’s like, “Fuck!”. To know that I’m free of that place just feels like liberation and joy and it’s very emotional….it’s great. Massive freedom…and I’m feeling a very physical release of tension. It’s a palpable drop of tension.”

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Love, xDaisy

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