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Exciting dates for your diary!


A quick review today, as I have been asked to run a stall for Amma at the Mind Body Spirit fair in Colchester. There are some exciting spiritual dates for your diary, which I wanted to make you aware of.  Marlies Cocheret is coming to London. She is a teacher from Adyashanti and I have thoroughly enjoyed time with her. She is coming in April and here is the link:-

There is also an event with Mooji coming up in London, in March. This will sell out quickly, so do check this link asap:-

For those of you who have done some Vortex classes, I would like to remind you about meditating with the energy. I use Presence as a meditation often and find it gorgeous…It’s like falling and falling and falling deeper into..well..presence (for want of a better word!). You can use any Vortex energy as a meditation. Simply just sit for a few moments, and then channel an energy with the intention to meditate in it. It’s great for when you only have 10 minutes or so free.

I hope this email finds you well, and diving into yourSelf more and more each day…

Lots of Love,


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