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Rifting Results

Hello 🙂
Rifting is going wonderfully 🙂
Here is one example of
how it has transformed
a client’s life…
She reports that she feels
much more present,
that there’s a sense of
willingness to really ‘be here’ 
and not hide anymore.
And that if people are not
in her life, that’s ok
because there’s more of
a sense of her own truth
and more solidity in 
her system.
People have been interested
in the effect of the ‘I-Point
and Duality of Awareness
and Consciousness’ course.
It feels like now I am
living as the unknown,
rather than running
 to the mind to ‘know’.
In terms of healing, this is
significant because it deepens
the experience for both parties,
in that the unknown, or rather beingness,
‘here’ touches that beingness ‘there’
in a more consciously felt way.
And that then means that the
channelling can move more conditioning.
Ok, not possible to really explain
in words, but there’s my attempt!
Have a lovely weekend,
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