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‘Rifting’: The New Top-Level Vortex Healing® Technique

Hello 🙂
So, what is ‘Rifting’?
Rifting means bridging in the 
version of you which has worked
through the particular issue
you want cleared.
Seeing that there are infinite
possibilities of you, Merlin
picks the one who is clear
of said issue, and pulls that in.
Rifting works even MORE 
DEEPLY than Merlin’s Grace
(though it is not a replacement,
plus: Rifting works more
deeply for issues you
have cleared with MG).
In addition, I can now
channel ‘Vortex Therapy’,
which is a wonderful way
of helping you ‘meet’
places where an
issue is still stuck.
Thirdly, I am able to intend
the Vital Web (the web
of energy which contains
and connects everything) to do 
anything appropriate for you.
This is like a prayer to the
Divine – great for projects you may
want help with.
I look forward to sharing
these transformational tools
with you,
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