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Who knows how? But it works.

Hello 🙂



I want to share with you
some results people have
experienced after recent
sessions with me.
Don’t worry – no names
will be revealed!



One person, over the course
of a few sessions, has stopped
getting pain in her legs.
She had had this pain for many
years previously. This
seemed to happen simply
from working on fear issues,
rather than lots of direct work
on her legs.



It’s interesting
to see what an impact
emotional conditioning has
on the body: the roots of body
issues are almost always
more than skin deep.



Another person said there was
no way he could have gone to
work on Monday, had he not
received healing over the
weekend. I remember feeling
this way myself when I
worked at various jobs in
the past – I had to heal my
way to work. When you are
following truth, it doesn’t
always take into account
that you need to work.
It is a seductive lover!


Another lovely result was that
somebody experienced
a new sense of safety,
following a session
to release abuse conditioning.
She said she no longer had
to check to see if she was
safe all the time.



And finally, one person
had a distance session
in which they received a
direction from life itself. She
heard the word ‘stillness’
in a very clear way, from
nowhere. I was thrilled
about this, as you can imagine…



Thank you for the opportunity
to work with you and for your
wonderful feedback.
I would love to hear from
you if you have your own
story, or if you have anything
else to say (including
constructive criticism),
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