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Mother Meera in London

Hello 🙂
Did you manage to make a date
with Mother Meera this week?
If not you may be interested in
hearing my thoughts about it.
What struck me most was just
how transformative it can be
to sit in complete silence
for 3 hours. The sense of
peace from it is still with me
several days later.
As my friend Neil once said
about a silent retreat with
Adyashanti, “You realise
that talking is kind of overrated”.
There was something about
being there with Mother
Meera this time, which made
being silence easy and
Imagine your best ever
meditation, but for 3 hours
accompanied by God staring

into your soul, and you’re

getting there 🙂

The form is to queue up on

your knees, moving toward
her (seated on chair) and
then bow down before her
and lightly lay your hands
on her feet. She then holds
your head lightly in her hands
and when she releases it,
you look up and she stares
into your eyes for a while.
While this was happening,
I clearly experienced and
heard (psychically) the words :-
“I am your own Self”.
It was so wonderful
and so ordinary at the
same time – as if “Oh yes,
of course” “Ah-ha”.
And I felt a huge sense
of gratitude.
I then watched her with other
people for some time before
returning to meditation
(although there was very little,
if any, difference between
meditation and living life
at this point).
I noticed
that with some people
she spent longer and with
others it was very quick.
With some she seemed to
be ‘hit’ by their conditioning and
then swallow it up, and with others
there was very little ‘coming

                                                                                                                                              out’ of them.

When the person
turned around, this made sense
as you could see etched on
their faces the degree to which
they had or hadn’t let go,
and what their life experiences
may have been like.
That’s all the news this week.
Enjoy yourself and see
you again soon,
Much Love,
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