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The Significance of Letting Go

Hello 🙂
Yesterday it was Amma’s
Birthday 🙂 Very soon she
will be with us in London! 
If you can stay for the whole
visit, it is truly worthwhile:-
I want to share with you a
little of my own healing journey.
On Saturday, Sarah and I were
staying with a friend and all
of a sudden I got a fever.
 I had had a cut on one of my 
toes for a while . Slowly, I 
realised I had got blood poisoning.
We were in the middle of
nowhere and couldn’t 
get painkillers for the fever
as it was the middle of the night.


So the night began. I was shaking,
with chattering teeth, and
my left lymph node (groin) was very
swollen and red hot. My toe
was throbbing and I had flu-like
aching in all my joints. I
was freezing, but really I was
running a very high fever.
I felt I wasn’t at the A&E stage, so 
I began to channel on myself.
For a while it worked,
but I was unable to maintain
concentration. Sarah also
gave me healing, but even more
importantly peace and love.
I was in so much suffering
with it all that in the end
I called out to Amma in my heart,
saying “Amma, please take
it away, please help me”.
Only when I had surrendered
and stopped resisting my symptoms, 
did I receive the response:
“Just let go”. It was accompanied by
the feeling that she would
take care of the whole thing. 
That trust which defies logic
emerged from stillness.
I fell asleep eventually and 
by morning I was almost
completely cured. 
Bear in mind that, in the case of
blood poisoning, it is usual to 
have to take strong antibiotics,
sometimes intravenously.
Of course, I do not mean 
to imply that you should 
not go to hospital or the doctor
if you are ill, and I am certainly
not anti-western-medicine at all.


But what I have learnt is the
significance of letting go……
This experience has illustrated for
me just how much of the work
I do with you is more being
done through me by Amma,
than it is anything to do with ‘me’.
I feel so blessed
to have met this saint and
to have been able to contact
the Divine in my lifetime. 
I hope you find inspiration in this
and that I see you soon,
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  1. Beautiful! xx

    September 28, 2012
    • daisylnokes #

      Thank you 🙂

      September 28, 2012

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