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Can you BE with it?

Hello 🙂
How are you?
This week I have learnt a
lot about simply being with
what is. As some of you know,
I have begun a BA in Person-Centred
Counselling, which I am fitting around
healings. While sharing in a group, a woman
on the course began to cry heartfelt tears.
I noticed that I was immediately
wanting to know the ‘right thing’ to say
and do to help. While expressing this later on
in the group, the tutor asked the woman
“Did you need anything while that
was happening?” and she said,
“No. It was just so good to be free
to express that and have you
all here with me”. In that moment
I realised, I really don’t have to
rescue anyone. That was very
profound… I hadn’t realised that
I had that pattern so strongly.
Now I am able to let go,
and already I am seeing the
true help that that is offering you.
I would love to hear about
your own experiences around
this if you have any.
The other deep learning came
from doing a healing session.
In this session, a deep darkness
came up for the receiver,
which she acknowledged and
described to me. As I tuned
into it, I instinctively wanted
to just be there with it and
hold the space.
No channelling
came, simply being beingness itself.
And then something hit me that
a friend had told me 6 months ago.
This was the ‘shadow’ he had talked
about. He had said that he needed
to be with his shadow like a friend and
give it lots of space, because he
had been suppressing it.
That knowledge became felt in
a split second and I was able
to do just that.
We can bandy-around
concepts like ‘the shadow’, but when it
really becomes real, it is something
that is…of the body in a sense –
much more than words.
So, if you are suppressing
and pushing away this part
(we ALL have it)
of you, try simply being with
it and giving it room – it may be
the first time it has ever received
this kind of love and acceptance.
A couple of reminders…
you have until the 30th October
to register for the Adyashanti
retreat lottery (for the Netherlands
next June). Here is the link if
you are interested:-
And don’t forget that Amma is coming
23rd – 25th October. I will be giving
massage, so you can find me there.
Here are the details:-
Do let me know how you are
and what is going on for you.
Have a lovely weekend,
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