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Gut Feeling


How are you? I am well and feeling a yummy kind of happiness from having taken care of a new-born baby and her Mum in UCH today. My friend had a c-section last night. So, that’s my world today.

To continue from last week, as well as the brain identities for major issues, there are also gut-brain identities. The gut brain (ENS – enteric nervous system) is now recognised by doctors as being its own brain, which will even function when the central nerve between it and the normal brain is cut. Exciting stuff 🙂 We carry a lot of suppressed material there, so I am now releasing this too. Here is what one of you reported after a session involving the release of a normal brain identity:-

“I haven’t done any catch up yet, because I keep blissing out all the time. I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I’m very very grateful :-).”

He also reported having NO THOUGHTS that evening when he got home.

I want to share with you part of my diary from Amma’s ashram, to give you a feel of my own transformation and the shifts that tend to take place around this living avatar:-

“I did the 108 names, slept and did healing on my chest [I had a chest infection], and then did the 300 names. My intention was to release and let go of the tendency towards negative thinking. Afterwards I meditated spontaneously. I found myself feeling a sense of death and ending – something which I have felt numerous times.

This time, instead of moving away (and also while letting go of the panic at this), I went towards the feeling. I told myself to follow this river of truth within, wherever it may want to take me; to flow downstream with the river and let it take me. I felt the sense of this death/ending more deeply for quite some time. But then I went through it, like a dropping that was beyond my control, and eventually came out the other side. Then I felt a sensation like a sun rising. It started to shine from deep within and rise into the place where that death had been. It was like the experience I had in Sensing class recently, and the process was similar too, only this time it feels like it has gone even deeper.”

Thank you for indulging me! I hope you are well and wrapping up warmly in the snow,

Lots of love,


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