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Amma, New Healing Tools and More :-)

Hello, hello, hello 🙂
I am back from seeing Amma
in India with renewed vigour
and love for awakening, work and
learning. And actually just having
fun: that part is embodied
in Amma’s laugh, which
seems to resound through the ashram.
Amma is always laughing:
there’s a lot to be seen just in that.
I don’t have the words to express
the depth of my experience
there yet, but they will come.
Suffice to say, stillness is here.
There are a few new and wonderful
things which can be done
with Vortex Healing and I wanted
to let you know about them.
There is a great way to transform
your meridians and ‘voridians’
(yes, it’s a Ric-ism) and bring life
back to your sleepier organs,
using Merlin’s Grace. This
helped me get over a chest
infection, for example, whilst in India.
Transforming the cellular
consciousness of the brain
has also become more important,
as has the new step of releasing
identities in the brain which
are based only on issues (5-10 mins).
This will help the whole system to
recognise that it is not that issue.
Also, for anyone with Lyme or Herpes
(or possibly other stubborn pathogens),
I can now channel the ‘anti-Lyme
transmission into any Lyme in the system’
(or whichever pathogen it is) – 40 mins max.
This replaces the burning out of the
infection in the clearing-infections protocol.
Nice to have some deeper tools for these
difficult kinds of infections.
And finally, how much are your chakras
receiving from life and how
much are they expressing? If you have the
feeling that you are blocked
somewhere, in the solar plexus
for example, it may be because
the chakra is not balanced
in it’s giving and receiving. Dealing
with this can also reveal the deeper
issue around receiving, or perhaps
hesitancy in getting your hands dirty,
which in turn can really change your life.
Ask me more about this if it resonates.
I have a few spaces left this
weekend, which I would love to fill
with giving healing to you – so do
get in touch on 07931 536 700.
Love and much more Love 🙂
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