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The Sunlight or the Cave? You choose.

Hello 🙂

Inspired by a long-loved song
(hence the title) and by
seeing what it takes to
shine at the Olympics,
I want to talk today about
what it means to be oneself
in the world.
For me and for so many
of you who have come
for healing this week,
there is conditioning within
which seems to interfere
with this self-expression
and the joy of being 
right in the middle of life.
Issues such as guilt, fear,
disempowerment and victim
consciousness, can create
an unfulfilling and limited life.
But they don’t have to.

What I have seen is that

playing the victim, feeling

disempowered or guilty
and clinging to fear are
all a choice. With that
awareness as a foundation,
I have seen these
issues being transformed
through healing.
Adyashanti sums this up in another way:-
“As soon as you start giving yourself to
the world, it gives itself to you.” ~ Adyashanti
On that note…
Two events are coming up
which you are warmly invited to 🙂
One is ‘Return to Innocence’,
a co-creation gathering in
Sussex where I will be
giving a group healing.
This event is run wholly
on a donation basis.
I am planning on being there
from the 14th to the 17th Aug.
Please email me for full details.
Here is an idea of what
to expect:-
Acroyoga, Thai Massage , Contact dance,
Chanting/kirtan , Bodypainting, Lifedrawing, Group Healing
Lake swimming or swimming pool dip (pool is next door at neigbours)
Walking in the Nyman Woods
Cooking and washing up on rotation
Accomodation: camping
The other is an exhibition and
club night displaying Sarah’s
photography on the 18th Aug.
Don’t be put off by the name!
(please click)

 Enjoy your weekend,

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