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The 2 ‘A’s: Adyashanti and Assemblage Points

Hello 🙂

I’m sorry this review is late – I have had a lot on my plate in the last week, including having to resign from one of my counselling placements.

I wanted to report a little on how it has been for me since Adyashanti’s retreat: it is as if there is a softness that is so subtle, yet it creates a lot of availability and transformation. As if the quieter the voice, the more impact it has. It is like continuous dynamic stillness.

Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense – I’m aware that it may well not!

Here is some more about the Assemblage Point from Ric, in case you are interested, or want me to work on yours with Merlin’s Grace energy:-

The Assemblage Point: This is brand new work and a new term for Vortex. It is now the deepest stuff we can do on a healing level. Over the last few weeks I have been emailing info to Merlin’s Grace wizards about this, since they are the only ones that can use it, but I want to make the general community aware of this new work.  The ‘assemblage point’ (AP) is a term that I first heard through the Carlos Castaneda books. According to his teacher, Don Juan, the AP is a point on our energy field that “assembles” our reality.  To Don Juan, that energy field looks like a “luminous egg”, and  the AP sits on it somewhere between the spine and right shoulder blade, about an arm’s length back. According to this view, we are all able to have a similar view of physical reality because our assemblage points are all in the same place, and so assemble the same kind of reality. I realised that the assemblage point was not a metaphor but a real, functional part of our energetic reality–and a very deep and key aspect of it. As something fundamental for assembling our personal reality, it contains a lot of the core blueprinting that determines our personal reality.

How the AP works:  It seems that at conception, as the new lifeform begins to grow, a new AP grows as well. As it does, zillions of what I have called “9th D possibility threads” (and now will call “possibility fields”) are brought together for that person, for that life. The possibility fields are then expressed in creation as streams of personal, local reality. I call these expressions of reality created by the AP “reality streams”. I began to play with releasing the possibility fields that were creating specific reality streams for issues, and the effects were amazing. And I was able to upgrade Merlin’s Grace to do this work. 

       Note that the AP gets at the causes of our experiences but does not directly impact our physical reality. For instance, releasing the possibility field that manifested the reality stream of an accident that broke a leg will not repair the leg. The physical universe is constructed from a deeper level; our AP’s construct our perceptions of that universe, our personal reality, which includes all the issues we project onto reality. (It is like the mind-body duality on a universe level, with the AP’s constructing the mind level.) On the other hand, although releasing the possibility field that manifested as the reality stream of cancer will not in itself clear the cancer, it will go a long way to releasing the emotional and consciousness basis of the cancer, which will help it to turn around.


And finally, here is an exerpt from an email I received from one of you:-

“I wanted to thank you for the last session we had and update you with what has been going on for me. I think there might have been a sort of satellite delay in my processing but as I lay down to bed on the night after our session, it started to dawn on me what actually happened. Maybe it was a taste, but I think there were moments of non-duality or recognition while I was with you. I expect you see all this a lot more clearly than I do, but I hope this makes sense and I am not talking crazy. It seems quite profound to me at the moment and I am still trying to grasp the implications of all of this. I don’t know if it will last but things seem fundamentally a bit different since then in my day to day life.”

See you soon I hope,



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