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Assemble Your Karmic Field ;-)


Yey – we have sunshine in London, and not just for one day!

I want to share with you my enthusiasm for this new work with the Assemblage Point, which is available through using Merlin’s Grace. It is remarkable in it’s ability to transform conditioning quickly and simply and working on it also loosens other deep conditioning in the system and helps it to drop away.

The first thing which can be done is to release a ‘possibility stream’ for an issue in the Assemblage Point. This only takes 15 mins and yet it also clears identities, VERY deep ones, such as the incarnational ID, body mind ID, genetic ID, organ ID etc. etc. Please bear in mind though that this doesn’t necessarily happen if you have not taken the Core Veil Vortex Healing class. However, releasing this stream even without the IDs going, is still the deepest work we are currently able to do in Vortex Healing (i.e. it is clearing the deepest and most profound level of our issues). It works at 50% at a distance, but still loosens the above IDs significantly. It also automatically frees your issues from deep entanglement with one another, making them easier to let go of and release in sessions.

After working on the Assemblage Point with one of you, I was laughing because it was comedic how different she looked afterwards. I felt like I was looking at a different person when she got up from the table! Bear in mind though, that this person is truly committed to awakening which means that releases will usually have a deeper impact.

I am also excited about working with the Karmic Field. This is where you are storing past life ‘pacts’ with people in your life now and with your issues. The best way to release these is with Merlin’s Global Healing Grid. Deep residues can take some time, up to 25 mins per issue. Let’s say you have a residue with someone who is in your life now, and you want to clear that. I would release the residue for you, the residue for the other person, and then also the stuff that is just the energy between the two of you in the Karmic Field (this part releases much quicker).

Do get in touch if any of this resonates for you. Enjoy the sun,

Much Love,


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