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Last night there was a mini-Earthshift facilitated by Ric and helped by the rest of us who were tuning in. It happened in order to release ‘group pain realms’ from humanity. Any of us could have been connected to these, so if you were feeling a lot of pain or sadness this week or today/yesterday, you may well have been in a clearing process without knowing it! Perhaps that takes a little edge off the personal-ness 😉

I had been working in my own way with the Assemblage Point, releasing issues as a whole from it in some of your systems who came in for sessions, which took about 45 mins. Now there is a clear protocol designed by ours truly – Ric. I am grateful for this – honest 😉 This is most effective for someone with no Core Veil, but the Divine isn’t splitting hairs, so any willing participant will get something. Here it is:-


1. Release the Primary Stream for the issue in the AP.

2. Reshape Consciousness

3. Release the Secondary Streams for the issue in the AP.

4. Reshape Consciousness

5. Clear the Karmic Field for the issue.

6. Any other particulars for that issue that might need catch-up.

There’s also more good news regarding the Karmic Field. Ric says:-

“I am updating your Merlin’s Grace transmission to greatly speed up the Karmic Field work. Before today, you would have used Merlin’s Global Healing Grid. But as I wrote, sometimes that could take quite some time for the really deep, entangled issues. With Merlin’s Grace now, it shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.”

This Karmic Field work is great for helping you resolve conflict in relationships of any kind, so do contact me if you would like to try it.

That’s all for now. Get out there and enjoy ‘the hottest day of the year’ tomorrow. Today’s not bad either!



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