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Re-assemble to Harmonise Your Life


The weather is still here – Yey! Sorry, just had to say that! 🙂 I hope you are getting time and space to enjoy it.

I have been thoroughly enjoying working on the Assemblage Point. It is VERY powerful work and certainly the deepest work we can now do in Vortex Healing. As I mentioned, it even clears deep rooted identities (such as the Incarnational Identity of the issue at hand) for those without a Core Veil. And for those with one, these IDs become far easier to release afterwards.

So, what are the results? In my own system, I have noticed big shifts in my relationships as a result of working this way. And this also seems to be the case with those of you I have worked on. One of you managed to become clear about a difficult relationship AND began to leave it after only one session of this work. Others of you have reported that you feel your life has changed completely afterwards. Really fantastic stuff.

This weekend I have the privilege of being part of a retreat with Marlies Cocheret in Sussex. Here she is talking on YouTube if you are not yet familiar with her:-

As a result, the next review will be on Monday. I look forward to sharing with you again then. In the meantime, please do send me your stories, because I enjoy them 🙂 It’s kind of like eating. Ok, enjoy and bye for now,



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