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Laughter at the Heart of It All

Hello 🙂
It feels so good to be
writing to you again. I hope
this review finds you in a
true space and adapting ok
to the suddenly cold weather.
As always, I have many Amma
stories from her recent visit to
London, but I will share only
one with you. Please do send
your own stories in if you feel to.
One morning, I got to sit very close
to Amma while she was giving
darshan. I could overhear the
questions which people were
asking and the translations from
Malayalam by the Swami.
The thing I noticed most was
Amma’s laughter…it is so
beautiful to hear her laugh
and to talk as if literally drunk
on bliss. It was as if she was
intoxicated by the state which
seems to simply be reality for
her, a way of being.
The questions which really seemed
to interest her were the ones
which were not only of benefit
to the person asking, but to
the whole – to everyone.
That in itself was quite a teaching.
She would spend time on them,
laughing and joking and
also listening deeply and fully.
Then one couple went up and told Amma
a joke, which I didn’t hear, but
she laughed quite a bit and said:-
Everybody wants a relationship
these days because they want
someone they can boss around.
In fact, relationships have
even been substituted for pets,
since they are even easier!
I thought it was hilarious!
(but maybe you had to be there…?)
What that said to me is that
Amma is not the goody-goody saint,
she’s about that divine laughter
that’s at the heart of existence
and about being real.
Here is another story which
one of you has sent me:-
A friend told me that she was so messed
up once that she couldn’t get her shit together
to see Amma. But even though she missed
seeing/hugging her, realising that
made a huge impact on her life…
She quit drinking, the loser boyfriend
and changed her life dramatically!!!
I love that 🙂
I would also like to share that
we made a staggering £13, 500
for Amma’s charities in the
massage area!
It has given me so much
joy to know that what we
do really does make a
difference to people’s lives.
I want to finish with a quote
from Adyashanti that a friend
gave me for my Birthday:-
“Actually, all paths lead away
from the truth…’s that?
All paths. There’s no such thing
as a path to the truth. The truth’s
already here – where are you going?”
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