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Bhakti schmakti – what’s the point in devotion?

Hello 🙂
You may have asked yourself,
what is the point in devotion,
what even is it and what do I
get from it?
I’ve noticed that some people
look down on devotion and seva
as if they are some kind of second
rate ‘path’ to awakening.
Allow me to try to answer the
devotion question
 through the following example.
I have been particularly inspired
today by a client who just came
to see me. He stood at my front
door in a completely transformed
posture and glowed with an energy
and love I had not yet seen in him.
Guess what he’d been up to?
 Yes, he had just been to see
Amma in Barcelona. That was
quite a surrender for him, but the
benefit he got is immeasurable.
He looks and feels energised
and loving towards himself
and towards life as a whole.
He has also lost a large part
/possibly all of his core veil.
This is somebody who had been
chronically tired and full of
conditioning for months.
What it is that Amma does so
marvellously I feel, is to release our
inner devotion. Once I felt
unconditional love from her during
my first darshan, that devotion
awoke and it was no longer
a case of THINKING about
awakening and helping people
– it was actually alive and kicking.
I would like to share with you
the particular chant my client has been
listening too and which has released
such profound devotion in him:-
And here is Amma way back in 1988
in America, during her second world
 tour. Check her eyes, in the last frame 🙂
On that note, I am going to be and
serve with Amma over Christmas,
from the 17th Dec to the 9th Jan.
So do come and see me before
then if you can, or feel free to book
distance treatments before I go.
Thank you for your wonderful
stories – keep them coming 🙂


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