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The Sweetest Thing

Hello 🙂
Apologies for the lateness
of this email. I hope you are
enjoying your weekend and
getting some rest and play time.
People often want to know
what moves me and makes
me cry. So I thought I’d share
the following experience with
you, also in the hope that you
will share your own experiences.
I sat down to meditate this week,
having not done so for a couple
of weeks. I read the following piece
from Adyashanti on meditation,
which I have read many times before,
but which this time suddenly
opened the floodgates…
“As you rest into stillness more
profoundly, awareness becomes
free of the mind’s compulsive
control, contractions and identifications.
Awareness naturally returns to its
non-state of absolute unmanifest potential,
the silent abyss beyond all knowing”
Adyashanti (2011)
It is hard to put into words
what I felt while reading this
but suffice to say,
after that last line, I felt a swell
of emotion and then sat in tears
of some time. I felt so grateful
and also a deep uncluttered
resonance with what he is saying,
mixed with devotion for truth.
On another note, do bear in
mind that Mercury is retrograde
and has been since the beginning of
the week, affecting travel, computers
and communication of all kinds.
This should be over by the end of
the month – so hang on in there!
Let me know of any experiences
you are having with this,
if you want to share.
Love to you,


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