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A Little Help From Your Friends

Hello 🙂
This week I want to talk about
the importance of reaching
out when you need support,
to a friend who really understands
what you are going through.
I did just that this week
and feel so much gratitude and
relief. We all like to pretend that
our lives are better than they
are because we are afraid
of our own vulnerability.
But putting on a front is untrue;
besides which, it is has life span.
Your willingness to be vulnerable 
IS your strength.
As one of you remarked this
week, “Everything is the
opposite way round”.
So, if you have been thinking
of reaching out but holding back,
do it now.
Remember that seeking what you
need is a necessary part of
where you are sometimes;
even if you find out in the end
that what you need is nowhere
outside you – that wholeness
in the truest sense of the word,
that eternal harmony.
Another part of this is that
often you need to first of
all see that it is you, and only you,
who is creating your situation.
Usually that bit needs
to dawn by itself, but sometimes
it can be prompted by said friend,
or another kind of
supportive connection.
I hope this email finds you
and touches something that
wants to come alive within.
It has permission!
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