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Integration for the Nation :-)

Hello 🙂
How are you?
I am well – very well in
fact, after attending Anthony
Gorman’s Sensing class
(Vortex Healing)
on Wednesday. More about
that later.
I have an offer on at the moment:-
Only £40 for a session of
Energising and Integration.
This is because many of you
are not getting enough of
either of these and I would
like to make sure you do.
I want to talk about some of
the wonderful experiences
I have shared with some of you
this week.
One person came in with
some deep emotional
conditioning which I attended
to. Interestingly, the effect of doing
that is not what may have been expected.
Here is her feedback:-
“Thanks for a great session. As usual
 the day after my creativity peaks.
Got in 3200 words this morning! Feel great”
So, it goes to show that it
really is worth unblocking those
deep places of emotionality –
you never know what might
spring up in their place.
Another person I have not had
the chance to work on recently,
but did so some time ago,
contacted me. She asked me
to work on her family and when
I thanked her for the recommendation
she had this to say:-
“I have felt what you do and I have
a lot of faith in your abilities so it
was really a no brainer 🙂
You were the only one who ever
came into my life and helped to
the degree that you have and for
that I will always be grateful.
So I will continue to recommend you
to everyone I meet who needs help.
Thank you!”
The Sensing class was amazing…
I have taken this class about
4 times, and it has always been
taught in a unique way and
also had a unique effect.
You can take this class after the
2nd level of Vortex Healing –
Magical Structures.
This time it went very deep for me.
I was ready to stop moving away from
a central fixated drama which
had been going on for over 2 years
and had also spawned many
mini-dramas. I’m not sure I’m ready to
publicly declare what they were,
but feel free to ask me privately.
As I sat, I realised I had always
moved away from what I was feeling,
either by analysing, dramatising,
or by hiding in awakeness.
When I faced it, not aggressively,
but just because I actually
wanted to know the truth about it,
the truth revealed itself to me.
And it went on revealing.
Everything I wanted to know
at that point in time, I knew.
It was like a deep falling
or you could say, dissolving.
What dissolved was what I
had thought before was truth,
and what remained was
was something completely
different to that. I could never
have imagined what real truth
is……….a love that
permeates all that is, a peace that
can never be touched.
Of course, I had touched that
before – you have touched that
before, I have no doubt about that.
But when I was willing to stop
moving away from what was
painful, then and only then
could it really open itself up and shine.
A reminder that I am going to
India to be with Amma on the
17th Dec to the 9th Jan,
so please do book if you
would like to come in, or to
arrange distant sessions
while I am away.
Lots of love to you,
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