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A Belief is the Magic Dust We Add to A Position

Hello 🙂
Beliefs are generally
thought of as a mental thing,
but they are so much more than that
– infiltrating the whole system, the
heart, even the physical tissue.
You literally live and breathe
what you believe.
This week, I was able to witness
the power of releasing such a
belief during a session with
one of you.
The belief was “I’m not safe”
and I have found this tends to
get created in reaction to
abuse of any kind. As I began
to intend for this belief to clear,
my client began to breathe
very quickly and shallowly.
Then she started to shake right through
to her core. She cried and
allowed herself to really let go.
This was not a dramatised
process, rather a healthy giving
up of a deeply held position.
You could say, she was ready.
Do let me know your thoughts on this
and any questions you may have
about releasing beliefs or anything else.
I am here until next Monday
and then after the 9th Jan,
ps Sorry it’s late!


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