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Back on 19th August

Hello from Finland 🙂

It is beautiful here… We have been swimming in a huge natural lake after having a sauna, eating healthy food, playing charades and generally having a wonderful time in the purest nature I have ever seen. We are staying with friends from Amma and Vortex – Chetana and Mikko, which means we have people to go on about Amma with and to do the 1000 Names with – which feels like the biggest blessing of all. I will be back on the 19th August, if I can tear myself away 🙂 🙂 I miss you, and giving healing actually though 🙂

Something I have noticed over the past week, in working through my own issues, is that the one you think is your core issue often isn’t – that issue may well be concealing another one. It is easier for someone else looking into your system to see that, but when you are working on yourself with energy this is something bear in mind.

There is some more that can be cleared for the Assemblage Point, which Ric has written to us about. The Assemblage Point exists on something he is calling the ‘luminous egg’, which you can think of as your entire system and field of energy. This egg has bands around it which, in part, hold conditioning – more on the genetic and physical levels. These bands can be cleared, with apparently profound results: for example, the intention of ‘clearing the band (of the luminous egg) that holds allergy conditioning’, or ‘clearing the allergy band’, will make a big difference to allergies.

I would like to give a polite reminder about cancelling or re-scheduling an appointment: please give me at least 24hrs notice, otherwise the cancellation fee is £50.

I hope you are enjoying yourself and that I see you soon,



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