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The Power of Love


I have decided to write when I really feel inspired from now on (so no set day for the review). I hope this suits you.

I cannot stress enough the importance of talking to friends on a similar path. I have been having a wonderful time in the company of friends and finding that my issues are revealed in the light of Truth, in a way that is much more whole than anything I could have come up with in isolation. I would love to hear your experiences with this, if you feel like sharing them.

I have an extraordinary healing story to tell you this week. A client came in for the first session; we talked a great deal and it became evident that she had had a lot of serious challenges throughout her life, particularly physically and emotionally. I worked on grounding her in the healing, reconnecting her with her body and allowing her to stop. I also repaired broken energy lines in her womb. I commented that there was a lack of love in her and that there was a lot of trauma in the womb and vagina, which she confirmed. But I didn’t do ANY release work at all. The next day, she ended up in A&E with what they think was a burst ovarian cyst. I was shocked! I have no idea why she would react so strongly to a healing such as the one I did. My explanation is that she had a combination of a huge amount of ‘stuff’ AND deep sensitivity to energy (being a healer herself). In the second session, she was like a balloon when she came in (her abdomen) and couldn’t walk properly due to the pain. A lot of present life stuff came out in the session and this time I did a little release work. By the end, she was down to a normal size and was able to walk and to sit down (which she had also been unable to do before the session). The pain was reduced to a smallish area in the left side of her womb.

Adyashanti is doing a retreat in England next year! The first EVER! The process of doing his retreats I would put second to Amma in terms of awakening, and that is really saying something. The list opens on Sunday (1st Sept), as far as I know. Here is the link:-

And lastly, please use the bottom bell when coming for sessions as my bell is not working well at the moment. Enjoy your weekend,

Much Love,


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