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This week I want to present an overview of how and what we carry as history (or herstory 🙂 within, in order to answer some common queries.

From a Vortex Healing perspective, half our conditioning is from our incarnational path and half is ancestral (carried through our family genetics). One issue invariably has elements of both. So…it really is nothing personal!

If I ask you about your parents, it is not a clumsy counselling tactic 🙂 It was a recommendation from Ric about how to deepen our understanding about what your core issues are, which is shown in how you have carried through your parents’ issues. As a Vortex healer, I can help dissolve the bulk of this, but the truly significant changes will happen as and when you are willing to meet this stuff in life, and to what extent. It is in that space that alchemy happens.

I received a touching email this week from one of you, with whom I had done some deep healing work for releasing shock in the abdominal organs. He said, “Hi Daisy, yesterday’s session was really a break-through for me! And I had so many dreams of the shocks of the past 8 months, of the rest of my life & former lives also.”

And that’s all for this week. Enjoy your weekend,



(Don’t Break the Bank) Holiday Deal ;-)


I want to tell you about my fantastic Bank Holiday Deal on all sessions 🙂

50% off this Monday 6th May!

Vortex Healing®, Reiki, Infinity Healing, M-Energy Healing or Swedish Massage (at least 1 hour) = £40

Indian Head Massage (1/2 an hour) = £15

This applies also to pre-booked sessions this Monday. Please call if you want to take this offer up: 07931 536 700,


Grace Your DNA


Last week I compiled a guide to what I feel is needed for awakening. Some of you have asked whether it is in order of importance – yes it is. Please do write to me with your experiences around awakening, as I would love to hear them and hear what you have to say on…well…the most important subject in the world!

This Wednesday, I attended a memorial service for my Dad who died 2 years ago. It felt significant in helping me ‘get’ that he really is dead and helped bring through another wave and stage of grief for me and my family.

During a session this week, I realised again that clearing genetic identities is really something amazing. In this session, I finished clearing the one for ‘fear of lack’ in one of you. An enormous wave of grace came pouring through, which shook my body and made all my little hairs stand on end. Just when I thought that was it, another wave came through. Incredible stuff… I highly recommend having a session for this if you haven’t done so yet.

On that note, I have been noticing the difference in results when sessions are done regularly. Having a session once in a blue moon doesn’t do the same thing as having them on a regular basis. Regular sessions open up and clear your system in a much deeper and more thorough way AND help reveal more of what I can move there.

Thank you to all of you who have come in this week. As always, it has been a pleasure and a joy 🙂 Have a lovely weekend,



Happy Easter :-)


Happy Easter to you! I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the participants in today’s Good Friday Deal.

I am having an amazing day, with one client saying that the session was one of the most amazing he has had ever and that he felt throughout it a deep sense of gratitude and a bowing down in reverence to the Divine. This was following a release of a genetic identity – please let me know if you would like to experience this.

I must report also on a session yesterday, in which I had a deep and spontaneous connection with the isolated and withdrawn inner child of one client. Through the emotional connectedness between us, I was able to begin to see much more of what was going on psychically. One interesting result of the session was that he looked and felt more embodied in his masculine afterwards. This may be because withdrawal is, in a sense, a feminine wounding and perhaps healing this helped him rest more deeply in his masculine.

Again, thank you for the privilege of working with you – you truly are amazing. I hope all of you have an enjoyable Easter weekend and eat too much chocolate 🙂



And The Grace Goes On…


How are you? I have had another wonderful week of healing with you. In one session, I was working on clearing 9th Dimensional conditioning – yes, you really do occupy a lot of the universe! Every layer of you contains conditioning, even those you probably don’t spend much time in consciously. The receiver’s experience was that she felt “strings being cut from way up” and freeing her from the issue I was working on. She commented that she was feeling a sense  of loss even though she wanted to let go of the issue at hand. She described this as a “loss of that part of ‘me'”. It’s an interesting one isn’t it? We want to be free, but almost always when we experience that freedom we mourn the loss of the very thing which was making us suffer.

In another session, the receiver “was amazed at how much [he] could feel the energy”, saying “It was amazing…”. This was his first session with me, and I think often there is a special quality to these first sessions because everything is so new and the sense of human connectedness is so palpable. It also felt to me that during this healing the Divine was using my body-mind-heart to love and nurture this person. Whatever is needed is what happens for each session; I still find that incredible…

On a different note, I am afraid I am ending the 4 for 3 deal. I can no longer afford to offer this – apologies. This does not affect sessions which have already been booked on this basis. As a reminder, my usual fees are as follows:-

Vortex Healing® / Reiki / M-Energy Healing / Infinity Healing / Swedish Massage : £80 (at least 1 hour)

Indian Head Massage : £30 (at least 1/2 an hour)

Cancellation fee (in cases of less than 24 hrs notice) : £50

When you come for a session, please press the bell several times as it is a bit temperamental. Enjoy your weekend,



Thank You…and Au Revoir

Hello 🙂
Last night I went to see a
teacher called Pamela
Wilson at a gathering
about awakening. It has
left me with such a tender
sense of silence…I am so grateful.
Here is her website
if anyone is interested:-
Although I am excited to be
spending time with Amma
in India, being and doing
what I love most, I must say that in
writing this email I feel
sad and I will miss you all!
Thank you for coming to
me and sharing your heart.
I consider it an honour and a privilege
to be a person whom you permit
to receive you as you are.
I hope you have a wonderful
Christmas and New Year.
See you after the 9th Jan,
Great Love,
ps Sorry it’s late again!

Who knows how? But it works.

Hello 🙂



I want to share with you
some results people have
experienced after recent
sessions with me.
Don’t worry – no names
will be revealed!



One person, over the course
of a few sessions, has stopped
getting pain in her legs.
She had had this pain for many
years previously. This
seemed to happen simply
from working on fear issues,
rather than lots of direct work
on her legs.



It’s interesting
to see what an impact
emotional conditioning has
on the body: the roots of body
issues are almost always
more than skin deep.



Another person said there was
no way he could have gone to
work on Monday, had he not
received healing over the
weekend. I remember feeling
this way myself when I
worked at various jobs in
the past – I had to heal my
way to work. When you are
following truth, it doesn’t
always take into account
that you need to work.
It is a seductive lover!


Another lovely result was that
somebody experienced
a new sense of safety,
following a session
to release abuse conditioning.
She said she no longer had
to check to see if she was
safe all the time.



And finally, one person
had a distance session
in which they received a
direction from life itself. She
heard the word ‘stillness’
in a very clear way, from
nowhere. I was thrilled
about this, as you can imagine…



Thank you for the opportunity
to work with you and for your
wonderful feedback.
I would love to hear from
you if you have your own
story, or if you have anything
else to say (including
constructive criticism),

Bank Holiday Sale! Don’t miss these offers……..

Hello 🙂
From tomorrow (Friday)
until Monday, all treatments are £50!
This excludes Indian Head Massage,
which is ONLY £20. If you
pay upfront for the 4 for 3 offer,
you only pay £160 TOTAL!
After Monday, prices will go
back to normal, so do take
advantage of this offer.
This week, I have been contemplating
neediness and how it acts as
a repellent.
If you feel like your friends are
evading you, “people aren’t
there for you”, you’re upset
at a public gathering and
wonder why no-one wants
to hear about it, you call
all your friends and no-one
calls you back, your “needs
aren’t being met” etc. etc….
Consider for a minute where
you are coming from. If
you’re coming from a
space of neediness (you
know, that sticky kind
of slighty victimy stuff) –

that is more often than not

why the world isn’t answering.

You are not
wrong or bad or to blame
and we have all felt like
this (why do you think I can
write about it..;-)
But nevertheless,
it is my observation that this
energy of need is like a
natural people-repellent.
The answer is to deal with
that place of need – often
co-dependency, or the
deeper isolation which
triggers that, or insecurity
/shyness – and to get
help in that when appropriate.
Loosely connected to that
is this from Adyshanti, entitled
“What do you REALLY want?”
If you would like to see the
whole video, email me and I
will put it on Dropbox, as with the
meditation before.
Don’t forget the deal,

The Sunlight or the Cave? You choose.

Hello 🙂

Inspired by a long-loved song
(hence the title) and by
seeing what it takes to
shine at the Olympics,
I want to talk today about
what it means to be oneself
in the world.
For me and for so many
of you who have come
for healing this week,
there is conditioning within
which seems to interfere
with this self-expression
and the joy of being 
right in the middle of life.
Issues such as guilt, fear,
disempowerment and victim
consciousness, can create
an unfulfilling and limited life.
But they don’t have to.

What I have seen is that

playing the victim, feeling

disempowered or guilty
and clinging to fear are
all a choice. With that
awareness as a foundation,
I have seen these
issues being transformed
through healing.
Adyashanti sums this up in another way:-
“As soon as you start giving yourself to
the world, it gives itself to you.” ~ Adyashanti
On that note…
Two events are coming up
which you are warmly invited to 🙂
One is ‘Return to Innocence’,
a co-creation gathering in
Sussex where I will be
giving a group healing.
This event is run wholly
on a donation basis.
I am planning on being there
from the 14th to the 17th Aug.
Please email me for full details.
Here is an idea of what
to expect:-
Acroyoga, Thai Massage , Contact dance,
Chanting/kirtan , Bodypainting, Lifedrawing, Group Healing
Lake swimming or swimming pool dip (pool is next door at neigbours)
Walking in the Nyman Woods
Cooking and washing up on rotation
Accomodation: camping
The other is an exhibition and
club night displaying Sarah’s
photography on the 18th Aug.
Don’t be put off by the name!
(please click)

 Enjoy your weekend,


‘Rifting’: The New Top-Level Vortex Healing® Technique

Hello 🙂
So, what is ‘Rifting’?
Rifting means bridging in the 
version of you which has worked
through the particular issue
you want cleared.
Seeing that there are infinite
possibilities of you, Merlin
picks the one who is clear
of said issue, and pulls that in.
Rifting works even MORE 
DEEPLY than Merlin’s Grace
(though it is not a replacement,
plus: Rifting works more
deeply for issues you
have cleared with MG).
In addition, I can now
channel ‘Vortex Therapy’,
which is a wonderful way
of helping you ‘meet’
places where an
issue is still stuck.
Thirdly, I am able to intend
the Vital Web (the web
of energy which contains
and connects everything) to do 
anything appropriate for you.
This is like a prayer to the
Divine – great for projects you may
want help with.
I look forward to sharing
these transformational tools
with you,