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This week I want to present an overview of how and what we carry as history (or herstory 🙂 within, in order to answer some common queries.

From a Vortex Healing perspective, half our conditioning is from our incarnational path and half is ancestral (carried through our family genetics). One issue invariably has elements of both. So…it really is nothing personal!

If I ask you about your parents, it is not a clumsy counselling tactic 🙂 It was a recommendation from Ric about how to deepen our understanding about what your core issues are, which is shown in how you have carried through your parents’ issues. As a Vortex healer, I can help dissolve the bulk of this, but the truly significant changes will happen as and when you are willing to meet this stuff in life, and to what extent. It is in that space that alchemy happens.

I received a touching email this week from one of you, with whom I had done some deep healing work for releasing shock in the abdominal organs. He said, “Hi Daisy, yesterday’s session was really a break-through for me! And I had so many dreams of the shocks of the past 8 months, of the rest of my life & former lives also.”

And that’s all for this week. Enjoy your weekend,



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