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The Only True Power

Hello 🙂
You may have heard that
your true power is within you.
Also that you are One, Self,
awareness etc. etc., but what
does this actually mean?
For centuries, paths towards
spiritual enlightenment
have said you don’t need
to go outside yourself
to know the truth,
yet this can feel abstract.
Even techniques can be
limited, and sometimes
also limiting, in that they
imply you need to
do something in order
to find the truth you seek.
And traditional ideas of
empowerment too often
feel like they are based in ego –
attempting to make the
‘little me’ feel bigger.
In writing about this,
I am aware that
I cannot give you any
answers (or give you
truth) – how could I? 🙂
I can only speak from
experience: the more I unfold
into Oneness, the more I
realise the significance
of spending time in silence,
and vice-versa.
When I shut my eyes and
feel inside for stillness,
without trying to get something
or get rid of anything,
true silence pours like
liquid from itself
quite naturally.
These moments of deep contact
with what is still and real
and complete within, reveal
the only true power there
has ever been. Not power
against, not power for
and not power that is possessed.
This mysterious power
is silent and still.
Don’t undervalue the
power of open-hearted
quietness! You don’t
have to be endlessly task-doing
to be valuable to this world.
On a practical note, when coming
for sessions, please press and
hold the bell a few times –
even when it lights up, it
sometimes hasn’t rung yet.
Have a lovely weekend,
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