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Holiday: 10th – 16th September

Hello 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the Group today 🙂 I felt so inspired by the subject of ‘What is devotion?’ and moved by the whole Group that I dove into Amma’s livestream with renewed verocity afterwards. I found myself weeping and crying out to Divinity in no time at all. Later on, I received a wonderful message from one of you, noting a change in the depth of the recent Groups, which he offered could have been created by the movement in the Vortex Healing class ‘Awakening From Freedom’, which I took a little while back. I don’t know, but I am so pleased to see how switched on some people are and interested in awakening and the evolution of it. In messaging a friend after that, I recognised that she was more aware of the evolution she had been through in said class – and was in agreement with that person. I found this fascinating.

I want to share that I will be going on holiday to celebrate my mother’s belated 80th Birthday 🙂 She, I, my brother, sister-in-law and darling baby niece are going to Puglia, in the south of Italy – the heel of the boot. I really need this holiday on a human level and am also excited to be going away 🙂

I will be back and giving sessions and Groups after I return on the 16th September. Before the 10th, you are welcome to message or call me with your questions or comments. After that, please do not contact me until my return – thank you.  

Take care, and again, I hope you got something from the Group today (or lost something no longer needed 🙂 ) If you attended, you are still in Merlin’s Global Healing Grid in the background for a couple more hours. 

May devotional Love bless you always with its vast opening presence xxx



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