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Holiday: 10th – 16th September

Hello 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the Group today 🙂 I felt so inspired by the subject of ‘What is devotion?’ and moved by the whole Group that I dove into Amma’s livestream with renewed verocity afterwards. I found myself weeping and crying out to Divinity in no time at all. Later on, I received a wonderful message from one of you, noting a change in the depth of the recent Groups, which he offered could have been created by the movement in the Vortex Healing class ‘Awakening From Freedom’, which I took a little while back. I don’t know, but I am so pleased to see how switched on some people are and interested in awakening and the evolution of it. In messaging a friend after that, I recognised that she was more aware of the evolution she had been through in said class – and was in agreement with that person. I found this fascinating.

I want to share that I will be going on holiday to celebrate my mother’s belated 80th Birthday 🙂 She, I, my brother, sister-in-law and darling baby niece are going to Puglia, in the south of Italy – the heel of the boot. I really need this holiday on a human level and am also excited to be going away 🙂

I will be back and giving sessions and Groups after I return on the 16th September. Before the 10th, you are welcome to message or call me with your questions or comments. After that, please do not contact me until my return – thank you.  

Take care, and again, I hope you got something from the Group today (or lost something no longer needed 🙂 ) If you attended, you are still in Merlin’s Global Healing Grid in the background for a couple more hours. 

May devotional Love bless you always with its vast opening presence xxx



EarthShift, Podcast, Free Will and Free Online Group Healing

Hello 🙂

Yes, as many of you will be aware, we are in the middle of an EarthShift 🙂 I don’t want to get into too much complexity about what we are doing, since I think it runs the risk of feeling a little distancing. In a nutshell though, every so often a huge group of Vortex Healing practitioners gets together to work on the earth and human species. The group is led by Ric Weinman and Anthony Gorman. This particular EarthShift is about creating two new points of choice from Divinity, within creation, which actually allow all human beings to move into more of a friendliness with one another. What we are moving out of is a type of intense negativity. As a species, we went into that like a trajectory, many thousands of years back in time and it has been influencing life on Earth ever since. 

If you would prefer to book thenext Free Online Group Healing without reading on, then itis this Wed 17th Nov @ 1pm GMT. NB: please attend only if you can remain on Zoom for the duration (1hr). Here is the link you need for booking :-

Please note that you need to pre-book. You can also book as many Groups as you like in advance. 

For Private Sessions, you will receive an email (or text if you requested this when booking) with which you can rearrange or cancel your session if you wish. That email may wind up in your junk box – so please check. 

Here is the link to book Private Sessions:-

I am very happy to say that I was interviewed for a podcast during the summer. The series has been created by Max Buchmann, who you may know from the Group Healings. I have received very humbling and moving feedback about our conversation and I feel it is time to share it with all of you. Please also feel free to explore the other episodes in this series since, like I have, you may learn a great deal from them :-

On a different subject, many of you ask me about free will or free choice. It is indeed a fascinating topic 🙂 and I would like to share more. These insights are from discussions with my friends and experiences on my own path and those of the teachers and practitioners of Vortex Healing. 

The essential thing is that all choice is Divine choice. Contrary to popular belief, the intellect has little involvement in making choices. Every choice – big or small – arises from Mystery. It then moves through the body and system of the individual, giving it the appearance of coming from that individual. The only such thing as free choice or free will is that which comes out of what is already free (ie, Divinity). At any point when a choice is being made, life can actually go in either direction: Divinity can choose to follow egoic consciousness, or it can choose to follow freedom. Also worth noting, is that the power to do any of this is coming from the only source of any power: Divinity. Surprisingly enough, the ego doesn’t have any power. It has no power ‘of its own’. 

A question may then arise, something like, “But why would Divinity choose to follow egoic consciousness?” You may have noticed that, in fact, Divinity mostly does choose the forays of egoic consciousness. I think that this is for the pure play of it all. Remember, Divinity does not have likes nor dislikes. So it’s not in that separation game whatsoever – it’s not condemning anything, it’s not exalting anything, it’s not believing one person to be better than another etc. etc. By moving into egoic consciousness, I think Divinity is exploring 🙂 It’s exploring the experience of separation 🙂  Divinity is absolutely fascinated by the play of that and by the myriad ways in which that expresses. And it seems to me that Divinity is doing this…until it isn’t any more 🙂