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Free Online Group Healing: Surrendering Separateness

Hello 🙂

How are you?

I am good 🙂 Currently, I am repeating the Vortex Healing class ‘Awakening to Divinity’ and it is Ric Weinman’s Birthday (the Vortex founder and teacher of this class). 

As requested, here is the quote from Neem Karoli Baba (translated by one of his closest devotees), which I read during the last group session. The timing feels so right, because this avatar happens to be Ric’s Guru :-

I am like the wind

No one can hold me

I belong to everyone

No one can own me

The whole world is my home

All are my family

I live in every heart

I will never leave you

The next fortnightly Free Online Group Healing is this Wednesday 7th October at 1pm BST. Here is the link with which to book:-

We will gather together to explore surrendering separateness. To explain what I mean by this and to support a broader understanding of the awakening embodiment evolution, I will share something from the class I am currently taking. 

Ric took us through an exceptionally beautiful guided meditation yesterday, while the ‘transmission’ for ‘Awakening to Divinity’ was running through him. If you are wondering what the name of the class means, I hope that my sharing will also go some way to answering that. As I went deeper in meditation, I felt touched by Divinity in such a direct way…that I was brought to tears. Following this, there was suddenly a rushing energetic shift (akin to a shock) throughout my system. Next, panic and terror began to release from within (pertaining to my core conditioning) and that was accompanied by a spontaneous breathing release, and by shaking. As the panic and terror released, I saw that they were at the root of all my other emotions. This embodied perception set me free, completely, from the grip of these other emotions, and also from projection and blame in way that was spontaneous and organic. 

Then came some profound realisations, not as ideas, concepts or insights, but as something far far more real than that. I fell deeper in meditation, to the point where I sensed the remaining separateness inside with total clarity. In this clarity, I recognised that separateness is actually created – from within. I saw how this fictional separateness was animating the conditioning, literally giving it ‘realness’ which it didn’t actually have. 

Not only was the conditioning not real, but the separateness itself (which is much deeper – being the origin point – primary) wasn’t real either. What I was ‘left with’ so-to-speak, was Divinity. Previously, Divinity had still been experienced as somewhat ‘outside’ in a subtle way, for example in Amma. But now it revealed itself as what I am. The appearance of a subtle boundary between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ dissolved. This was not an experience, it was beyond. There is a totality to Divinity which may be impossible to convey in words. 

Now, I must to bed. See you soon,





My passion this week has as usual been truth, and more specifically, alignment with truth. I have been contemplating what it really takes to wake up to and embody our truest nature in this lifetime. I have come up with the ingredients which I believe are essential. Here they are:-

1. Alignment with an avatar/God-realised/fully liberated being. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Unless one has a pure reflection of truth, it is difficult (perhaps even impossible) to get in touch with that within oneself, in a deep enough way that it really takes over.

2. Being quietness. Unless we come to experience what it is we are seeking, there is really no possibility of embodying it. Sounds obvious; but I have seen many people do anything possible to avoid quietness, whilst paying lip service to a desire for awakening.

3. Meeting your stuff. Facing your humanness is a vital aspect of the aspiration to wake up, and one which is extremely challenging for many people (probably all people). Meeting issues as they arise in life (instead of denying/avoiding them) provides an opportunity for the lived experience of oneness to flower and blossom fully.

4. Clearing your stuff. This is a much underrated facet of waking up to and embodying truth. Experience has shown me that there is a small minority of people born with little conditioning and who TRULY don’t need to dissolve any of it in order for awakeness to be realised. To really feel the sun on your skin, the clouds must clear away.

Well, I think that’s enough for one day! Please do give me feedback on these ingredients and your experience of them, as I would be fascinated to hear it. Enjoy your weekend,