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Free Online Group Healing: Not-knowing…into Silence (part 2)

Hello 🙂

Knowing is not needed for living. Usually it impedes living, in fact. That is the kind of knowing which comes from the mind and it is an outgrowth of our deepest core issues of survival fear, or of loneliness (in addition to all the ‘masking’ issues which are piled on top of these two). True knowing, if it is needed in a moment, only arises from not-knowing. It’s nothing like we think either, this kind of ‘knowing’: there is nothing mental about it, and it isn’t even a gut feeling. It’s so different from all of that. Creative, tender and totally spontaneous, it comes to us only in the absolute willingness not to know anything forever. Perhaps the only way to ‘do’ this, and the only resolution to those unsolvable dilemmas in our lives, is Silence.

This is what we are going to explore in this week’s Free Group on Wednesday 16th December at 1pm GMT (uk time). If you are available and can be present on Zoom for the duration (1 hour) please register here:-

I want to share some wisdom from the recent repeats and new classes I have taken in Vortex Healing. Firstly, on the subject of what we long and search for. When we really boil it down, we are all searching for unconditional Love. Yet we don’t look for it in the place we lost it: we look for it in people. Whereas really, we lost it within. So that is the only place that we ever re-discover it.

Regarding destiny, and understanding what this is: we come into this lifetime with specific issues which are going to play out. The further we are away from waking up, it doesn’t really matter how much or little that happens, or the way in which that happens. But the closer we are to awakening, our path becomes much more refined, in order to help facilitate that awakening. Perhaps the reason for this, in the bigger picture, is that ‘individual awakening’ (so-to-speak) always serves the whole: it supports what’s needed as a human species and possibly as a planet as well. 

A comment about Ayuhuasca from Ric Weinman and Vortex as a lineage: as much good as this medicine may do, it always creates a hook. That hook expresses in the right kidney and goes into the spine. The effect of it, is that a part of you becomes totally not present. In my opinion (and this is only an opinion), there is no way that can be a good thing in terms of your awakening / embodiment. If anyone would like these hooks to be removed, it is fairly straightforward, so please ask for this to be done as part of a private session. 

Awakening and evolution: it is important to clarify that awakening has nothing to do with being a kind and loving human. For example, you could have a girl who was raised in a very loving household and has, say, 12 karma knots as an adult. And you could have a boy who was brought up in a traumatising and cruel environment. The girl, as a woman, has grown up to be a kind and loving person. By contrast, the boy grows into an arsehole and nobody likes him. Let’s say that man then begins Vortex training, and takes classes right through to Core Veil and beyond. He hasn’t become an evolved, kind, loving person just because he is awake. Meanwhile the woman is spreading love everywhere she goes. And yet, the man has a certain kind of Divine growth that she doesn’t have. Obviously these are quite extreme examples, and it is not an either-or situation. If you genuinely value Truth, awakening, God – there is nothing you can do about it. It was not your choice, it was Divine Choice, and it will continue no matter what you do or feel. I just thought it important to highlight the difference between awakening and evolution, since we can easily make the two the same, or confuse them with each other. 

Core loneliness, as one of our two most core issues (as mentioned earlier), comes about later in overall growth. It is a developed emotional response to feeling separation / feeling separate. So you would not find it in a cockroach, but you would find it in a horse or a human being. 

Intimacy / Lack / ‘hunger’: it’s not that the ‘hunger’ arising from Lack (such as the hunger for connection) gets satisfied. It can’t get satisfied; because it’s coming from separateness. What happens, is that the ‘hunger’ abates. Usually this involves a LOT of inner work, and it is eventual rather than sudden. One of the things that is then realised, is that what got hidden was the fact that we were and are already connected and in intimacy. 

My healer said something which may help you to frame your traumas in a clearer and truer way: “Trauma on a basic level, is where we have compounded experience and memory and locked it into the system.”

Please note that cancellation, no-show or rearranging a session – unless more than 24 hours in advance – will engender full payment for that session. 

See you soon 🙂



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