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Free Online Group Healing : Tomorrow

Hello 🙂

How are you?

I am well and bathing in the winter sun here in London 🙂 I wish you a Happy International Women’s Day! 

If you would like to attend the next Free Online Group Healing, it is happening tomorrow 9th March @ 1pm GMT. NB: please attend only if you can remain on Zoom for the duration (1hr). Here is the link you need for booking :-

Please note that you need to pre-book. You can also book as many Groups as you like in advance. 

I want to share these moving words from Amma :-

“Once determination and detachment arise, the past becomes ineffective. The past loses its grip on a person who has surrendered everything at the feet of the Lord. Such a person glides into a forgetful state about his entire past, and he starts living in the beautiful present where he sees only the Lord and His enchanting form. The fearful dreams about the past completely die in a surrendered soul, and he will definitely feel God’s grace guiding him throughout” ~ Amma

For Private Sessions with me, you will receive an email (or text if you requested this when booking) with which you can rearrange or cancel your session, if you wish. That email may wind up in your spam / junk box, so please check. Here is the link to book Private Sessions:-

Please never contact me about rearranging, cancelling or scheduling : instead, simply utilise the email sent to you by Calendly for this very purpose.

And please also note that lateness, no-showing, cancelling or rearranging less than 24 hrs in advance of the session time will result in you being charged in full for that session. Thank you 🙂 

The next Foundational training in Vortex Healing is happening from the 22nd – 26th March. I will be re-taking this class for the first time 🙂 I strongly urge anyone who has had a couple of sessions or Groups sessions with me to take this class. You do not have to want to be a healer: it is about healing you. Here is the link:-



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