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New Podcast and one-off Tuesday event : Free Online Group Healing

Hello 🙂

How are you? 

Thank you to everyone who came to the last Group, even though I hadn’t had time to send an official invitation. Thank you also for bearing with the WiFi problems I had. That was much appreciated! These are now resolved. I forgot to mention that, in preparation for the Group that morning, I had bridged all of you participants into the Karthika Puja, which was for Amma’s birth star and to thank Her for everything She is providing us with. 

I was recently invited to do another podcast 🙂 It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I am impressed by what Shelby Alexander is achieving with this series. In the following episode, I talk about energy healing in layman’s terms, the awakening path and my personal journey. This is an ideal podcast to share with people in your life who are wondering what you are up to in your spiritual life 😉 Those who perhaps know little about energy healing or awakening, plus for any of you who are interested in how and why I got into awakening and more about my personal journey:-–Vortex-Energy-Healing-e1di0e8

If you would like to attend the next Free Online Group Healing, please join in this TUESDAY 22nd February @ 1pm GMT. Note that this is a one-off event, in light of the fact that the gap between Groups is large at the moment.

NB: please attend only if you can remain on Zoom for the duration (1hr). Here is the link you need for booking :-

Please note that you need to pre-book. You can also book as many Groups as you like in advance. 

For Private Sessions with me, you will receive an email (or text if you requested this when booking) with which you can rearrange or cancel your session, if you wish. That email may wind up in your spam / junk box, so please check. 

Here is the link to book Private Sessions:-

Please never contact me about rearranging, cancelling or scheduling : instead, simply utilise the email sent to you by Calendly for this very purpose.

And please also note that lateness, no-showing, cancelling or rearranging less than 24 hrs in advance of the session time will result in you being charged in full for that session. Thank you 🙂 

The next Foundational training in Vortex Healing is on the 22nd – 26th March. I will be re-taking this class for the first time, if there is space 🙂 I am very excited 🙂 I strongly urge anyone who has had a couple of sessions with me to book. You do not have to want to be a healer. It is about healing you and the class also does wonders for your awakening embodiment evolution, whilst strengthening your energy system profoundly. Here is the link:-



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