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Sessions in London: Monday (tomorrow), Wednesday and Friday

Hello 🙂

How are you today?

This week I will be in London tomorrow (Monday), Wednesday and Friday. Other than that distance sessions are available via Skype.

I have booked my flight back from the American tour with Amma. I will be away for 3 weeks: 30th May – 21st June. Please make sure you get your sessions in beforehand, as it will not be possible to offer distance work while on tour.

The energy of my life is naturally going into sadhana (spiritual practices), work, sangha (community of friends) and my upcoming trip with Amma. Other areas of my life aren’t flowing very easily at this time, but what’s changed is that I don’t mind. I had thought that it was about resolving them, but what happened instead is that I let go. I don’t mean I let go (drum roll), it’s that I let go without trying to or even being aware that I had. And now these areas aren’t important. It’s not that I’m minimising them, it’s more like I don’t know – and I don’t mind – what ‘s going on in them. At some point, again without really knowing it, I came clean about that.

Have you ever felt burdened by what you know, or think you should know (that’s the worst)? Even suffering relies on knowing: I’m unlovable, for example. Really..? Or, she thinks that about me. Really..? The more I live I find myself increasingly unwilling to carry these kinds of burdens. I think of all the children and teenagers in school, being conditioned that they need to know everything about everything. In a sense, it’s a kind of cruelty to inflict that on a child. As children and teenagers, we know we don’t know – if that makes sense? But then we have to pretend, for adults’ sake and to save face, that we know things. The whole thing is quite quite mad. True wisdom, prajna (heart wisdom), is right there in the child as it is in the master, and yet it is completely missed and thrown away.

Anyway, I must go for now. Much Love to you on this glorious day 🙂


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