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London this week: Wed, Thurs & Sat

Hello 🙂

How are you?

I am feeling free and challenged at the moment. To update you on my housing situation (thank you for your emails and words of concern), I am couch surfing at a friend’s place. It is beginning to feel like things are not flowing in this aspect of my life right now, despite weeks of work to find a room / a home / a sangha houseshare. Simultaneously, I am feeling called to do part of the US Tour with Amma, so that could possibly be why this is happening. The truth is, I need a refuel, I need healing myself. It’s time for me to be in the presence of a true master.

Therefore, I have recently booked my first flight on the 30th May, which will get me to the San Ramon ashram in California. I am unclear as to whether I will be doing all of the tour yet, but I will not be doing staff this year, so a couple of weeks seems more likely. I will update you on my return flight once I have booked it.

In the meantime, please get your sessions in before the 30th May as it will be very difficult for me to offer sessions (even distance ones) while on tour. This week, I will be offering sessions in Barbican on Wednesday, and making home visits in London on Thursday and Saturday.

I am looking forward to working with you and hoping you are well,

Much Love,


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