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Amma in Milano


I am now back from my trip with Amma in Milan.


As always, Amma delivered a spectacular program. It is also interesting to note the individualities of different cultures in which she gives her darshan. For me, the Italians were wonderful: warm, enthusiastic about seva and about working together, passionate during bhajans, and of course the coffee was great 🙂

There were some stand-out moments too. I was doing seva making and decorating the donation boxes in preparation for Devi Bhava. A young girl of about 10 approached me and began talking in Italian. Eventually, between my broken Italian and her limited English I understood what she was saying to me: “I have walked past here several times and you have been working all the time. Have you eaten? Perhaps you should eat lunch now?”. I was floored… The selflessness and care shown by children around Amma is breathtaking.

Bhajans were truly amazing, some of the best I have experienced in the 12 years I have been with Amma. During the end of the last bhajan one evening, which was a repeated calling to the Divine aspects of Devi and Kali – “Devi…Maha Devi, Kali…Maha Kali”, I burst into tears of absolute longing for God. Everything else disappeared. I experienced a prayer from nowhere coming through my body: “Amma don’t leave us here, take us with you. We’ve waited so long to meet you, please don’t leave us here. Take us to the other shore”. The ‘other shore’ being God realisation and the ‘so long’ meaning so many lifetimes. It was such a deep release. After this I fell into a deep meditation and everything around me felt present but far away, as if I had withdrawn into Self.

Later in the darshan queue I prayed, “Amma please help this longing come to full fruition”. She embraced me, saying “my darling daughter” in Italian and squeezed my cheek, playing with me as if I was a cute baby.

I have received a wonderful account of Amma-time from one of you. Please anyone else do send on your experiences. I will share them anonymously with your permission.

I just did a session and the person actually smelt Amma (the rose perfume) for much of the session, as if it was right up her nose. I think part of this is because of the intense time I have just spent with Amma. So do get in touch for a session – it is a good time,

Much Love to you,

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  1. solanatara #

    I am going to see Amma this week in Calif…Yeah!

    November 14, 2013
    • daisylnokes #

      Lucky thing! My friends Colin, Romi, Jason and others will be there too. Enjoy yourself 🙂 Good to meet you, xDaisy

      November 14, 2013
  2. Hi, I went to Milan to see Amma as well. It was such an amazing experience, I really hope to see her again soon.

    November 20, 2013
    • daisylnokes #

      That’s great to hear – contact me if you would like to discuss it. If not, thanks for the enthusiasm. Its always good to hear people are seeing Amma 🙂 Love, xDaisy

      January 17, 2014

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