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Incredible Results from Healing

Hello 🙂
How are you?
I want to tell you
about an amazing healing
story from one of my sessions.
A client wanted me to do
healing on his Mum, who
is 90 and has had several
heart attacks. She is
currently hospitalised and
was in a bad state, to the
point that my client
received ‘the talk’ from
the team of doctors.
I had no expectations of
the healing and just went
in willingly to do what
I could for her.
My client
told me that the doctors
were scratching their
heads as to how this
woman had made such
a miraculous recovery:
she went from being near
death and covered in
tubes and paraphernalia,
to sitting up and chatting away
with her son (my client)!
I would like to invite
you to share in a meditation
I often do in the mornings.
It is a guided meditation from
Adyashanti. To get the MP3,
 simply email me so I can
send it to you via Dropbox (free).
Have a lovely weekend,
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