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Nothing Beats Merlin’s Grace!

Hello 🙂

It’s official! Merlin’s Grace (the level
of Vortex Healing I work with)
is a more powerful tool than
anything else in Vortex Healing.
Ric pointed this out in class
and I wanted to let you know.

One session this week saw 
a client who had been out of
body since she was a young
child, come back in AND STAY
IN in just 1 session 
(I observed this in session 2).
The power of the Divine…..
and 9th dimensional Reality Shifts 🙂
If you have a weak organ
(for example lung, kidney etc.)
I can now do a totally new kind
of clearing on it. I have been amazed
at the results from doing this on myself.
Please note that I am still
running the deal:
4 sessions for the price of 3.

I did an experiment on a client
today, who specifically requested
it, which was to remove all 4
of her Divine Structures in
1 session. A Divine Structure
is the deepest type of conditioning
we hold and we have one for
each core issue. So it’s also a
great way to find out what they are.
Enjoy the weekend,
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