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Brightened Awakeness for Healing This Week

Hello 🙂
How are you?
I am very well, enjoying
the after-glow of repeating
Universal Veil with Ric Weinman.
There is a much more tangible
sense of Oneness now, which
is helping the healings I give.
I was reading Emptiness Dancing
by Adyashanti, and came across
this, which perfectly describes it:-
‘Sometimes people ask me,
“If I realise that I as a separate identity
don’t really exist as I thought I did,
then who is going to live this life?”
Once you touch upon this radiant
heart of emptiness, then you know
what is living this life, what has always
lived it, and what is going to live it
from this moment on.’
Ric gave me a nice compliment,
which was that he loved the 
healing I had done on a student
in the previous class he had taught.

I hope you are well and
getting time to enjoy
the sunshine,
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