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Awareness From Nowhere Part 2

Something I forgot to mention
about the awareness in hospital,
was that a Love arose out of it.
And it loved everything….
It didn’t discriminate between
nice or not-nice things/people etc.
It was love AS Awareness
and awareness AS Love.
Another awakening dawned
spontaneously a few days later.
It was the coming home of all
the autonomy I had given
away in my life, in particular in
my desperate search for awakening.
It came as a kind-of energetic shift in consciousness.
There were tears of relief
that that had stopped,
and also grief that I could have
handed over my sense of truth
to someone, ANYONE, else.
On one level, it was the death
of ‘little-not-good-enough-me’, surrounded
by all these teachers on pedestals.
It was like taking off a dirty
t-shirt: before, I was sullied,
and now I was clean.
It ties in with something Adyashanti
said to me during questions in 2002.
He said, “You have to get to the point
where even God herself could
sit down next to you and tell
you you’re full of crap,
and you don’t care.”
So, how does this relate to you?
Well, what I can say
is that awakening can and does
happen in ANY circumstance.
Hence the title of this email.
It has nothing to do with training in someone
else’s way, or someone else’s ‘method’ of
awakening. That can’t ever satisfy.
Also, nobody can tell you
what’s true about your life.
No matter how high-up
or holy or gifted someone is,
they do not POSSESS truth (awareness).
Therefore they cannot give
it to you or take it away from you.
As for my work, the ultimate purpose of the
healings I give is for YOU to contact
your own sense of truth.
Tomorrow I am going to learn M-Energy Healing.
 There are still places available:-
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