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Free Online Group Healing: Breaking Our Addiction to the Next Moment

Hello 🙂

How are you?

I am very well, enjoying life and taking some incredible Vortex Healing classes at the moment 🙂 First things first: the next Free Online Group Healing is tomorrow @ 1pm GMT. Thank you to those of you who have already booked. NB: please book only if you can DEFINITELY attend the session, and if you can remain on Zoom for the duration (1hr):-

In many ways, it is our addiction to the next moment which keeps the whole egoic structure going. The ‘I’, the ‘me’, the source of separation and suffering, depends upon time. Contrary to our reflex and to popular belief, we do not need this ‘I’ in order to function optimally. 

Whatever is happening, we feel sure that it could be improved upon – or that a catastrophe is about to happen – and so we dream of the next big thing, the future, the soulmate, or of escaping disaster, of being saved etc. etc. etc. So we will not allow ourselves to stop. 

Yet it is in stopping, deeply and really, that we are able to break these fantasies. As it all breaks, we finally get in touch with the Divinity within. This is the stillness, peace, harmony and more – everything we thought we were going to find in what we dreamed is beyond the now. The contrast is quite incredible between where we thought we would find all of this, and where we really find it. Divinity is revealed to us by resting gently as awareness: simply by doing that, and nothing more than that. In my opinion and experience, this is what happiness actually is. And there is no end to the depth of it. This will be the focus of the Group tomorrow. I plan to facilitate a guided meditation, first to feel the addiction to the next moment and then to rest as awareness. You could think of awareness as the stillness in the middle of all that constant thinking or constant movement. 



Free Online Group Healing: Entering Relaxed Awareness

Hello 🙂

Yes, there is a Free Online Group Healing tomorrow at 1pm GMT. We will be relaxing into  Awareness in this Group. Often we feel we are not allowed to be aware, to be awareness, to be Beingness itself. There is always something which creeps in as a posing higher agenda, or a matter of great urgency. Yet all of it is false. When we really sit and allow everything to return to the Sacred, we recognise this; but without the opportunity to do so, we may be living in an old paradigm which we melted through long ago – instead of living the freedom we are right now. I like the way Robert Adams puts it, “How many of us are really happy today? Really, really happy. Really, really, really happy? Now. Not because things are going your way. Not because you like what you see. You’re just happy because you are. There is no reason for it. Just to serve Consciousness, happiness. That’s our real state of consciousness, who we really are.”

Apologies for the late invitation. Please book your place here, if you can attend for the duration of the hour on Zoom:-

For all private sessions, a note to please remember to pay beforehand. If you would like to contact me for anything at all, please do so via WhatsApp, text, Messenger, or call – not email. 

Regarding Wuji Web, teachers are offering a free class to friend referrals (to try a yoga or pilates class in January). Free class code in January: bringafriend

I look forward to seeing you 🙂