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Spontaneous Divinity 

Hello 🙂

I hope this newsletter finds you well 🙂 

Today’s update will begin to express more about my time with Amma and detail a couple of musings on the upcoming in-person class in Virginia Beach.

There I was, on the plane to India, hungover from over-indulgence with family over Christmas, feeling completely unprepared for Amma. But, as my friend once said when I was deliberating over a sudden trip to see Amma in Paris one year, “Daisy, you’ll never be ready for Her.” Those words are so very true… The ego in us can never be ready for Divinity, can never have all its ducks in a line, can never feel ‘aligned’ enough. Divinity hits us anyway – totally regardless of any such conditions, so beautifully, right in the places and the ways which are unpredictable and surprising. From Divinity’s point of view, it could be said that everything is always a surprise party 🙂 

As the plane began its descent into Trivandrum, an Adyashanti satsang appeared on random through my headphones. It was one of my favourite golden oldies from him, entitled ‘The Territory of Freedom’. It deals with the awakening movement from the personal to the impersonal. I don’t remember what he said now, but suddenly an intuition landed in me that I must go straight to the ashram from the airport. That was not my plan – no way! I wanted to chill out in Varkala, the nearby beach town, de-frag from the world, from work and from Christmas antics, and then go to Amma after a few days. Deep down, I felt that something deeper inside me was telling me to abandon this agenda. Don’t we often sense things that we don’t want to sense? Have you ever known something you didn’t want to know, and then ignored it..? I have – many, many times. And, every single one of those times, upon reflection years later – the result was suffering (either in the moment, soon afterwards, or years afterwards). This is the gritty version of what I believe Amma means when She says “All desires lead to suffering.” People get hung up on the ‘desires’ part – what that means etc. etc. – but it’s not about that. The significant part of the statement is the suffering part. All that is really meant by desires is the motion of ego, versus the motion of what is beyond ego.

I felt that if I went with this spontaneous intuition, it could mark the beginning of a sea-change. Perhaps a new beginning altogether – of whole new life of dedication to Truth at the deepest level possible: to following that inner seeing, rather than continuing to secretly trust my conditioning (or somebody else’s). It is also important to add here that, in my experience, even another very wise person’s genuine intuition about your life is never equal to your own. Nothing can replace it. This is maybe the most important thing I could ever write to you. 

The plane landed and I got out, to be hit by the wall of heat, smells and noise of India… I was alone, slightly terrified and had no plan or transport. Nevertheless, I was headed into the jungle of rural India to meet Kali – lol! I laughed at my predicament. Then, unnecessary though it was, I sat with the decision for a bit. As soon as I stepped into the natural dynamism of truth moving through me, and followed it – everything from that moment until this one right now, has been flowing like a Divine river. Not always easy in every moment, but I was never into awakening for easy anyway. Ever since that embodied commitment, everything has flowed like this.

I arrived in the ashram and was asked to sign in. As I took up the pen in front of me, I saw on the list above the space to sign my name, “Thornton, Thornton, Thornton” – the surname of three of my closest Amma friends. What are the chances of that in an ashram of thousands..? I couldn’t believe it… There had been no plan to meet, plus I didn’t know they were arriving at the same time I was. I took it as confirmation of the decision I had taken at the airport. I was then given the best room I have ever had in Amritapuri 🙂 As I put my bags down and lay on the bed in deep relief, I fell into Bliss… This ended up continuing constantly for two and a half weeks. At some moment I realised that, when we need a certain medicine at a certain time, Amma knows and She administers it. For this doctor, you don’t need a phonecall, an appointment, nor a prescription. When the disciple is ready, the Guru appears.

I would like to address a question I sometimes get, about why I repeat some of the Vortex classes or why I continue to take new classes – given all the shifts which have already happened. For me, the first reason is intuition – that is how I ‘choose’ which class to take. But a very important second is, to receive an upgrade to my system which deeply supports the awakening embodiment evolution and which enables me to offer more of myself and of real transformation in the sessions with you. Every class I take seems to release my system more, creating more space in which Divinity can shine in and through this human form. Additionally, I absolutely love the experience of being in community – especially in-person – plus the value and fortune of education.

Here is the link to book sessions. Please keep checking availability, as spaces can shift around, so what you wanted becomes available again :-

Please do not contact me regarding scheduling, rearranging or cancelling : instead, utilise the email you receive from Calendly for this purpose. It could end up in your spam, so please check.

NB: lateness, no-showing or cancelling / rearranging less than 24 hrs in advance of the session time, will result in you being charged in full.

There is no movement as yet on the Groups, but I am feeling it out. I am still waiting to hear back from the venue I have in mind for in-person sessions. 

I would like to leave you with these inspiring words from Amma :-

“Life is like a bicycle ride: one must keep moving forward in order to avoid falling down”



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